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  • December 2012
Written by  Sharon Kay Beyer

You CAN write your own ticket!

When I saw him in the back room sipping tea with honey, it was surreal. My favorite rock legend was walking through the curtain in seconds, and there I was — watching from the back stage, having just previously dined one round table away from him.

“Hey hey, my my, rock and roll will never die,” blared through the stadium. The crowd was on its feet as my fiancé and I squeezed through a tight security wall, edging closer and closer to the front of the pack of press photographers. Flashing smiles and our all-access badges to everyone in our path, we were free to go anywhere because we had the right tickets.

“Neil Young is ten feet away from me, and less than an hour ago, he smiled at me during dinner,” I recalled as I absorbed the fantasy. “Hi. I think you’re great.” “Thank you,” he said, still smiling under a painter’s cap as he returned to his table in his faded blue jeans and an old flannel shirt. I became a star-struck mute; thus, you’ve now heard the lone utterance in my one-on-one conversation with my all-time favorite Canadian. And that’s okay with me. I lived a dream! And my dream-catcher embossed, leather-bound journal autographed with his signature and the word, “Believe,” is now a cherished momento and totem of that fulfilled dream.

In 2003, while driving through back-country mountain towns and listening to my “Rust Never Sleeps” CD, the lyrics of a particular song stuck in my head: “Meet the losers in the best bars; meet the winners in the dives.” And I dreamed that one day I would meet him in some dive-bomb saloon, slam a shot of tequila with him and get his autograph. Dream created, the Universe took charge; and I lived my life knowing one day it — or a version thereof — would come to be.

On a visit to my mom’s in late-summer 2008, it started to become a reality. Her next-door neighbor’s son, who worked in the music industry, “just happened” to be home for a visit too, and he came over to chat with us. And guess who he was working for? And guess who was appearing in concert in Chicago that December? And guess who asked me if I wanted some tickets? “Oh, there’s a pretty good chance you could meet us for drinks and dinner before the show, too,” he added. I squealed in delight and started making plans.

Autumn quickly passed, and soon we were boarding the Hiawatha Am-Trak with round-trip tickets to carry us to the twinkling white lights of the Windy City. A mini-blizzard greeted us upon arrival. We hailed a taxi, which hauled us through slippery streets to our hotel; and then plowed through snowy intersections and icy freeways to deliver us safely and timely to the show. With tickets in hand, we walked through snow drifts and into the arena, and eventually experienced a concert that blew us away “like a hurricane.” Neil rocked his guitar and broke its strings on both old songs and new, and despite having the best “seats” in the house, we stood entranced under the spell of “Harvest Moon” and danced and sang in a psychedelic wonderland.

Tickets get us in to see people, places and events. What if you could write your own ticket to anywhere or anything in the world? Where would you go? What would you see? What’s your dream?

Here’s a fun exercise from my workshops: Draw a movie ticket on a piece of paper and write at the top: “What do I want to be, do, have, own, experience?” Place it aside. Take another sheet of paper and number it 1 through 25. Title this: “My Dream Log.” Then list your dreams as fast as you can, without judging or criticizing or explaining away why you couldn’t possibly do this or that. Have fun and let yourself dream anything!

Next, take your ticket and your list and put them away in a special place — your journal, your Bible, under the bed — hide them away like a secret Christmas treasure. (I’m so excited for you that I’m doing it too!)

In January, I’ll explain how we’ll work with our tickets and list. Feel free to take out the list and add to it all month. (It’s your letter to Santa in a way — your golden ticket.) So, fill it in with your Christmas wishes and be like that kid in Polar Express and BELIEVE!

May the peace of the season and the Love and Light of God shine on you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas!

Sharon is a native of Appleton and is back home to share her healing center with you. A Reiki Master since 2005, she offers Usui Reiki and a variety of journaling workshops. A Young Living Essential Oil distributor since 1999, she knows which oils work on emotions, pain and disease, and offers education in using these gifts from God’s pharmacy. Start your Christmas shopping at and give the gift of good health! For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 920-733-7721 today!

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