Northeast Wisconsin
  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • September 2013
Written by  Sharon Kay Beyer

Journey to the center


“What is it to be a spiritual pilgrim but to give one’s self over to the journey, to the path, to let go of the trying and to simply be led.”

That’s a quote from the welcome sign at my neighborhood labyrinth. Fashioned after the 14th century French labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, it’s a sacred space I’ve walked in Appleton since 2000 when I first discovered this winding path on a trip “home” to visit my parents. Whether I walk alone or with my husband, my experience is always tranquil and each walk unique. Outer happenings disappear as I step through the pattern and into a deeper communion with God and with myself. My senses keen as I let go and simply walk, a cardinal’s whistle sounds more shrill; an eagle soaring overhead appears more beautiful.

Two years ago, during a writing workshop hosted by the First Congregational United Church of Christ, I participated in a group walk. Intensely powerful, each soul on her own journey still all on life’s path, we walked together yet apart in silence. Witnessing each other’s experience through our poems and story writing post-journey was enlightening as we discovered both laughter and tears born from footsteps on the same road.

My labyrinth strolls are sometimes on purpose when searching for an answer to something — like what to write for September’s contribution to Nature’s Pathways — but often, when I’m out for my daily exercise, I find myself drawn to a walking meditation by the sound of the chimes calling from the nearby woods on a windy day, or maybe the sight of a white-tailed deer under the pine trees pulls me toward the mystical circle on a cold winter’s day. I’m blessed that The Frontier, my home-based wellness/healing sanctuary, is a mere three blocks away from this empowering path. If you’re ever on the corner of East Street and East South River Street, think about taking a timeout to enjoy a walking- journey to your center. (And if you’re planning a visit to the labyrinth garden, you’ll be in the neighborhood, so give me a ring! If we can’t meet that day, we’ll set up a time when we might share a cup of herb tea and chat about essential oils, reiki or journaling ideas — whatever you seek.) Which leads me to the conundrum I faced at the start of my walk today.

I’ve been planting seeds of thought for almost a year now in this magazine — facts about the benefits of Young Living’s 100 percent pure therapeutic Grade A essential oils and nutritional products; I’ve described what reiki is; and I’ve given you some journaling ideas to help you manifest your dreams. “What more is there to say?” I asked myself today. Do I select yet another essential oil and yap about its healing properties? Do I repeat the benefits of your opening a wholesale account to save 24 percent off the retail price so you get nature’s purest oils delivered to your door for the health of your family and even your pets? My answer became crystal-clear: Those who seek always find. So, I’m reminding you that I’m here at The Frontier, trusting you’ll find me when you’re ready to discover all I have to share.

And in the meantime, what to do about today’s deadline? I had an epiphany after leaving the center of the labyrinth to simply share a slice of poetry and leave you with a quote that sums up what I discovered on my return home.

Autumn’s return is near, signaled by the sugar maple’s tree-tips already turning fire-engine red outside my window — a perfect time to reflect on and share with you one of my favorite poems:

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature’s first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf’s a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief.

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.”

— Robert Frost

Safe travels over the holiday weekend! I hope you are enjoying wherever you are on your path. And when you’re ready to enhance the gold that is inside you, I’m here to help you shine.

“I cannot teach anyone anything. I can only make them think.” –Socrates

Love and light! 

Sharon Kay Beyer has been a distributor of Young Living Essential Oil since 1999. She enjoys sharing all she knows about essential oils and their healing properties, and invites you to take advantage of God’s pharmacy. For more information, please call 920-733-7721 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Visit and sign up for a FREE newsletter today!




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