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  • January 2014
Written by  Sarah Atkinson, CA, and Adam Reinstein, CA

Giving it my best — Personal affirmations for the coming year

Do you ever wonder why you feel so run down and fatigued all the time? Could it be that you’re not listening to the “wisdom” of your body? I believe my body’s wisdom is great, and symptoms or problems warn me of illness. One of my goals is to prevent disease from overcoming my body by taking a proactive stance in my life. This starts with small steps toward lifestyle changes that will lead to large rewards. I call this giving it my best. It starts with establishing a routine. Here’s mine.

Giving it my best means starting my morning out with a large glass of water upon waking. Hydrating the body gives me a great boost at jumpstarting my metabolism! I turn on the tea kettle and start the sauce pot of water on low to begin the daily breakfast routine. Today it’s oatmeal, but tomorrow will be eggs. Cooking my breakfast gives me fuel I can easily absorb and therefore enriches the blood to nourish my entire body.

The leftovers from the weekend feasts are used to prepare snacks and lunch bags in the controlled chaos of my morning routine. I schedule a few hours in my week to shop for organic milk, meats and produce at my local Grassway Organics Farm Store to limit the amount of toxins I ingest. I seek out seasonal vegetable recipes on and plan my grocery lists based on what I have chosen for that week.

Weekends are full of fun, easy times with family and friends in the kitchen. Eating nourishing food is an excellent way to prevent illness, spread the love and improve emotions all around. Sharing the wonderful fruits of your labor is almost as rewarding as eating them yourself!

At the office, I find coffee appealing in between meetings, so after a cup of coffee, I fill my mug with water to rehydrate. I drink a lot more water when I use a mug that has a straw! Every cup of coffee takes two cups of water out of my body, so I know I need to balance my intake by constantly filling my mug and drinking. I add a little lemon or lime juice to the water to give it a kick!

After my work day is over, I drive home with music that makes me feel like dancing and start my dinner prep or reheat leftovers after feeding my pets. Food choices are purchased in the forms of organic vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy and fresh sourdough bread. Homework may be going on at the kitchen table, so I may be late with dinner, but we always stop to enjoy the work our teachers have sent home for us to review.

I try to enjoy some exercise or movement, before the bedtime routine preferably, because then the children are involved in the activity. Walking the dog, getting out the yoga mats or dancing to a favorite artist are some of the many options I enjoy. The acupuncture treatments I need are scheduled via email to ensure I have them planned.

Washing up for bedtime cleanses my mind and body and prepares me for the relaxation of settling in for the night. I choose reading material that I enjoy or I stay quiet for some time in meditation or prayer. My sleep is peaceful and I am ready for tomorrow. I feel happiness in the fullness of my life and I know that anything less would only be the result of my own choices.

The choices I make reflect my reality. Taking the time to write down who I want to be and finding my own personal solutions is the constant work I do for myself. When my diet and exercise are managed, I give everyone around me my best.

Acupuncture rebalances my body and allows me to jumpstart my system to achieve my goals. What do you want from your life? Let’s all start our year off listing our goals and then list how we can achieve them to ensure our success!

Sarah Atkinson is a certified acupuncturist with a master’s degree in Oriental medicine. She owns and operates Healthy Living Acupuncture & Wellness in Plymouth, Wis. She provides holistic health care within a traditional Chinese medical framework. For more information, visit or call 920-893-8796. Adam Reistein is a certified acupuncturist and was a contributor to this article.

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