Northeast Wisconsin
  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • January 2014
Written by  Nancy Dunbar

What do goals have to do with success?

Success can only be measured by you. Your vision of success is completely personal and means something different to the next person. If you are not happy with the success that you have had in any area of your life, you are personally responsible for your current position. More importantly, you have the ability to change the outcome. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, who you are, what education level you’ve attained, or what job or career you are currently in — only that you wish to be more successful.

Clarity: All of us, at one time or another, have dreamt of having a truly special life, filled with wonderful times and things. When was the last time you sat down and brainstormed about what your ideal future would include? Set aside a specific, uninterrupted time to visualize and plan your future.

Start by writing down the goals you wish to achieve. Be very clear and specific about each and every item. Then, visualize that you have already achieved each individual goal and internalize the feeling you have from such an accomplishment. The emotions created here will be key to drive the action steps you will take to attain each goal.

Plan: Each goal requires a plan. Begin with the end in mind: what is the end result and how will you get there from where you are presently? It needs to be specific and measureable. Each goal needs to be attainable, and you may need to break up a larger goal into a series of smaller goals. As a whole, the larger goal may be overwhelming, but when broken down, the smaller goals may be very possible. Remember this one: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Assign a specific time frame in which to accomplish each step and/or the larger goal.

Identify obstacles that have limited your success in the past. Have you associated with negative or pessimistic individuals or businesses that have sabotaged your success? You may need to find a mentor or simply copy the steps taken by someone who has already achieved the goal you’re pursuing. Don’t let disbelievers affect your success. You need to associate with people that will guide, motivate and support you on your road to success.

Action: Now that you have a plan, it’s time for sustainable action. The steps outlined in your plan need to be followed in a logical, progressive manner. Each step must be important enough for you to want and need to accomplish. If not, they need to be re-evaluated as to their importance in attaining the end result. Attach the emotions you identified when you outlined each goal and each step you must take to accomplish it.

Evaluate results and adjust: At every step along the way, you must constantly evaluate the results that your actions are producing. It’s great if you’re on track, but if not, you need to evaluate why your plan isn’t working and adjust the steps that you’re taking. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. If you want different results from the steps you are taking, you need a different itemized plan.

The most important thing in accomplishing goals and defining success is YOU. The most amazing life that you can imagine is right in front of you. Success is about choices, and you have that power.

Nancy Schneider-Dunbar is a Vemma Brand Partner. For more information, visit or call 920-246-8443.


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