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Jane addresses her hearing concerns

“What?” It’s a question I ask my husband on a continuous basis. After enduring a few too many of his comments about how I don’t listen to him, I decided it was time to get my hearing checked. I was curious to learn if it was just my mind being constantly pre-occupied, or if I was already having a real issue with my hearing in my 30s due to all of my exposure to blasting music in vehicles and at concerts over the years.

After much searching to locate a local audiologist who pours a lot of heart and soul into their business, I found About Better Care Audiology. With over 20 years of valuable experience and five years of practice ownership, Dr. Stephanie Long prides herself on taking time with each patient and really working with them to identify their unique needs.

She utilizes the latest technologies to provide her patients with a range of options and solutions to resolve their issues. Dr. Long is not one to try to “sell” patients the most lucrative hearing aids. Instead, she refers patients to their doctors, if needed, and works with them using “Real Ear” equipment to be sure their chosen hearing aids are tuned exactly for them.

Dr. Long also clearly communicates to each patient the importance of numerous return visits for fine tuning and further adjustments to ensure that their hearing aids are working properly and there is no frustration.

After stepping into About Better Care Audiology, I was warmly greeted by Nancy in their comforting and nicely decorated office. I was offered something to drink and a comfortable chair. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Long welcomed me. It was immediately clear that Nancy and Dr. Long had been friends for a long time and that they were planning on treating me like family. (Certainly a nice change from visiting a typical office where you feel a bit on edge that they are just trying to sell you something.)

Dr. Long took me back to a private room, and together we went through a questionnaire covering any hearing and/or ear concerns I had in order to understand my goals. She was sure to talk with me about my family life and how my hearing was affecting my relationships and my confidence. I felt very comfortable with her and appreciated the time she invested in really getting to know me and learn about my needs.

After going through the questionnaire, Dr. Long took me to the sound booth and explained how the hearing test would work. While inside, she provided me with in-ear headphones and then shut the door as she exited. Next, she provided me with instructions through a microphone. For example, I had to listen for different tones and let her know when I heard them. First the tones were in one ear, then the other and then both. Another test involved her speaking different words to me, which were specifically designed to test certain consonants, and me repeating them back to her. These are the sounds that typically are the first issues to be noticed. The whole process in the booth took just about 10 minutes and was completely painless.

After I got out of the booth, I learned that my hearing was just fine. (It looks like I need to work on my listening skills instead!) However, it was great to sit with her for a couple minutes after the testing to learn about how far technology has come in the world of hearing aids. They are now compatible with your cell phone, and many even have remotes and Bluetooth technology! She offers hearing aids from a wide range of manufacturers. This ensures that every one of her customers, young and old alike, have a large variety of prices and colors from which to choose.

While I may not need them now, I certainly know who I will be going to see when the time comes that I may need some help with my hearing. And, I will definitely be recommending her to my loved ones as issues arise. Thank you, Dr. Long, for educating me on the importance of doing research, instead of just stopping at the nearest chain or retail store for my hearing needs!

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