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  • January 2014
Written by  Cheryl Rentmeester, NP

The role of toxins and detoxification in health

Just as we thought we had fully educated ourselves on how to be healthy — what to eat, how much to exercise and what multi-vitamin to consume — we are now advised to stay away from toxins. What does this actually mean for us? We need to get educated about toxins because they may be the cause of many of the health problems affecting Americans today.

So, what are toxins and what do they do to us? Our environment is full of environmental toxins, including pesticides, poor-quality air, artificial chemicals and foods with added hormones, that compound to create numerous toxins in our bodies. As this toxic overload increases, it creates symptoms like headache, fatigue and stress.

Many of the chronic diseases that are affecting a huge portion of the population are actually related to toxicity. So, what do we do and where do we turn when we find out that our bodies are carrying all of these toxins? Detoxification.

When some of us hear the word “detox,” we might think of drug or alcohol detox, but that’s not the detox that I am referring to. This one refers to how the body operates to get rid of this waste. If all of this bad waste builds up, we get sick. The key is to figure out how to help our bodies function in detoxifying and getting rid of waste, while minimizing our exposure to other toxins.

This is an example of why we need to detox regularly. I love how simple the following example is and how easy it is to understand. “Just as your car needs periodic oil and filter changes, your body needs periodic detoxification to clean out all the toxins that have accumulated in your system over the years. If you feel progressively sluggish, tired, achy and run down, maybe it’s time for your filter to be cleaned.”

While you detox, you are cleansing the body of all the impurities, which, when left untreated, can eventually cause disease in the body. While going through detox, your body will increase your mental stamina, restore both physical and emotional energy, help with weight loss, and help you feel and look much healthier.

It is known that the role of toxins and detoxification in health has been largely ignored by medicine. Luckily, scientists and practitioners are starting to recognize the importance of detox for our health.

The reality is not if we are toxic, but how toxic we are. The following are recommendations by Mark Hyman, M.D., a leading expert in functional medicine. He states that these steps will help the detoxification process in your body work better and lead to optimal health. They are:

  • Identify and get rid of toxins: Eliminating them is essential if you want to rebalance your detox system.
  • Fix your gut: Gut imbalances are a key source of toxins for many.
  • Get moving: This helps your blood and lymphatic circulation do the jobs they are supposed to do.
  • Get your liver and detox system working: If your detoxification system isn’t working properly, it’s important to find out why.

Detox your mind, heart and spirit: This is just as important as detoxing your body, and it’s an area few of us ever think about as a source of toxins.

Simply following these steps will help to correct problems caused by certain toxins, maximize your body’s own detoxification ability and help you safely eliminate toxins from your body in the future.

Depending on your symptoms, genetic factors and environmental exposures, you may need different types of nutrients, supplements and treatments, but following these simple steps is an excellent way to get started on detoxing your body today!

Cheryl Rentmeester, FNP, APNP, is a health care provider at Wise Woman Wellness, an innovative wellness center in De Pere. Rentmeester is passionate about helping women live life to the fullest. Wise Woman Wellness can help you get rid of your toxins and set you up with a 10-day detox program. Call 920-339-5252 or visit for details.

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