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  • January 2015
Written by  Crystal M. Hill, E-RYT, CTA, CYPT

Repurpose your old yoga mat — A whopping 35 great ideas!

I have a few old yoga mats I don’t plan to ever use again. They are either old and worn out, or I simply prefer not to use them anymore. (In other words, they do not perform as well as my favorite JadeYoga mat.)

I hate creating more waste for our environment. So I did some research and brainstorming, and investigated ways to reuse the mats instead of tossing them. Here are some creative ideas I found or came up with myself:

  1. Cut into coasters: We currently use these at my yoga studio for water bottles to protect the wood floor
  2. Shelf protectors under plants
  3. Drawer liners
  4. Mouse pads
  5. Floor protectors: Cut your mat into small segments and place them underneath the legs of furniture
  6. Bath mat for babies so they don’t slide around in the tub
  7. Shipping material/packaging instead of packing peanuts
  8. Paint on the mat like a canvas and create original artwork!
  9. Cut into grippy jar openers
  10. Floor runner under carpets or rugs
  11. Camping mat under sleeping bags or air mattress as an extra layer for cushioning or heat
  12. Dog crate liner
  13. Use under your towel at the beach
  14. A picnic mat — instead of a blanket
  15. Door mat
  16. Floor mats in car
  17. Mat for working under the car
  18. Cut to size and put outside the litter box to catch the excess litter that sticks to your kitty’s paws
  19. Cut into fun shapes to use as bath toys or for dipping in paint to use like sponges/stamps for art projects
  20. Staple or glue to stairs to create tread and prevent slipping
  21. Bottle koozies or coffee mug grips
  22. Roll up and stick around/under drafty doors and windows
  23. A drying tray under your dish rack to keep it in place and catch excess water
  24. Placemats
  25. Pet bed/mat
  26. Donate to animal shelters to line crates
  27. Donate to a school, retirement home or other facility (nursing homes like these to put beside beds to prevent slipping when residents climb in and out of bed)
  28. Recycle: The companies Manduka, Jade and Lululemon all participate in yoga mat recycling
  29. Shoe insoles or liners
  30. Cut into pieces and put in the bottom of a vase to hold artificial flowers in place
  31. Seat for outdoor sporting events
  32. Knee pads for cleaning or gardening
  33. Portable baby-changing pad
  34. Mat to place under dog bowls
  35. Flip-flops (Google “How to make yoga mat flip-flops” and you will find tutorials)

If you need instruction to create any of these items, simply search online. (That’s what I did!) Enjoy!

Crystal M Hill is an E-RYT 200-hour certified yoga teacher, nutrition coach and owner of Pura Vida Yoga, LLC. Crystal creates connection through yoga, healthy living and coaching. Her experience provides a knowledge base to educate others to live “la pura vida” and enjoy lifelong health.

Crystal operates her yoga and nutrition coaching business at Pura Vida Yoga studio, located at 2416 W. Nordale Drive, Appleton, just off of Northland Avenue and Lynndale Drive. Group and private nutrition coaching are available. For more information, please visit, or contact Crystal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 920-851-1084.

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