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  • March 2015
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CCM Counseling & Wellness

The moment you walk in the doors you see and feel something: something comfortable, something appealing. At first you may not be sure what it is, but your curiosity is peaked. You notice the inviting waiting area that includes cozy chairs, relaxing lighting and your choice of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or water. You are greeted with a warm smile from Kaitlyn, who specializes in making whoever comes into our doors know that they matter to us and that we value them. You realize what it is you noticed: real people committed to serving real people.

Beyond your first impression, you will come to know that our counselors work in partnership with their clients in order to explore what lies beneath the surface of outward symptoms. Through the therapy process, clients can identify their strengths while gathering new tools and insights that will help them move forward toward a more confident, balanced and meaningful life.

What you think affects how you feel, which influences what actions you take. If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, or marital or relationship struggles, or are questioning, feeling dissatisfied or facing any number of other challenges, we can help you discover the cause (a belief, thinking pattern, or misconception) — and not just manage a symptom. This method of treatment brings restoration and the long-term change clients seek and deserve.

Our counselors specialize in Christian counseling, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Brainspotting, cognitive behavioral therapy, reactive attachment disorder (RAD), holistic breathwork and other mental health interventions that help people overcome or build healthier approaches for addressing their concerns or finding relief from the grips of trauma. Most importantly, we believe that the client-counselor relationship must be grounded in respect, acceptance and trust.

We recognize that good health and mental well-being are a result of healing all aspects of a person’s life. People, like life and nature, are not one dimensional. In nature there is winter, spring, summer and fall; in life there are ups, downs, plans and surprises. Human beings are a unique blend of mind, body and spirit.

At CCM Counseling & Wellness, we recognize how vital it is to acknowledge and support the “pieces,” as well as the “wholeness” of our clients. We understand that a client’s mind, spirit and body are interconnected. If there is pain, anxiety or confusion in one part, it affects the wellness of the other parts. This is why we have added a Wellness Healing Center to our agency.

It is our intention to offer clients opportunities to enhance their therapy sessions and emotional healing by using other natural and safe methods of physical and spiritual healing. Currently, we have practitioners trained in massage, Reiki and reflexology. The services offered through our Wellness Healing Center are open to all. You do not have to be a therapy client to enjoy the soft music, fireplace and aroma scents while receiving a massage, Reiki or reflex session.

This month, CCM Counseling & Wellness is celebrating 35 years of being a beacon of hope and a leader in integrated healing. Our goal is to empower people with a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of their body, mind and spirit, while equipping them with the tools they can use to effectively move forward and feel prepared to navigate and celebrate themselves, their relationships and their life.

CCM Counseling & Wellness

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