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A fresh new skin care ritual for spring

Now that the cruel, cruel winter is behind us, or at least it better be, we can turn a fresh face forward and think spring. In spring, we don’t need as much moisture as we did to survive winter, but we do want to keep our skin hydrated for when those summer rays get here.

Rice bran is a really great moisturizer this time of year. This oil is ideal for your face and body. Rice bran oil is loaded with natural vitamin E to help defend against the elements: sun, wind and pollution. Also occurring in rice bran are natural sunscreens — perfect for mature, delicate or sensitive skin as well as youthful skin. Rice bran is said to prevent wrinkles, absorb dirt from pores and balance natural oils in the skin.

The nice thing about rice bran is that it light. A small amount covers the skin without making it feel heavy.

Another springtime ritual is the use of ayurvedic herbs. The use of these natural herbs helps to remove toxins in the skin that have been building up all winter. Chickpea flour, ground nuts, ayurvedic spices, sandalwood and rose powder are all examples of ayurvedic herbs that help balance the skin tone and moisturize. Using these herbs as a facial wash is a great way to restore balance to your skin after it has been subjected to our Wisconsin winters.

Lastly, a good deep cleansing is in order this time of year. Rhassoul clay has the ability to pull dirt from deep out of the pores without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Using a mask like Rhassoul clay leaves the facial canvas brighter, less dull and dewier. A deep cleansing mask like this should be used once a week.

Gently helping your skin transition from winter to spring will encourage it to readjust itself naturally. This helps to promote balance, leading to an even complexion and a healthy glow we all crave.

Caitlin Brotz

Caitlin Brotz is owner of Olivü 426, located at 511 N. 8th St., in downtown Sheboygan or online at Devoted to improving the well-being of customers and the world around us every day, Olivü believes in creating all-natural personal care products that are truly healing, nonharmful and affordable for everyday use. For more information about Olivü 426 or to learn more about the benefits of all natural personal care, contact Caitlin at [email protected] or 920-783-0809.


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