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Aerial Dance — Pole Exercise

Curious about the aerial sports? The circus arts and pole have gained popularity in recent years as an alternative fitness option, and there’s a state of the art facility with nationally accredited instructors in Appleton! Aerial Dance Pole Exercise LLC offers an exciting way to build your strength and confidence in a variety of ways.

What can you learn at Aerial Dance Pole Exercise?

Aerial Dance teaches multiple forms of the aerial arts. Classes are offered 7 days a week. All classes are single gender (normally all women) unless specified. The majority of classes are for ages 18 and up so the women can bond and support each other as they work out.

  • Pole: The Aerial Dance robust pole exercise program has 4 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Extreme. All pole classes run in 8-week sessions to aid in building cumulative strength and coordination. Most women take Beginner Pole for 8-16 weeks, Intermediate for 16-32 weeks, and Advanced Pole for over a year. This sequential program was designed by Dr. Brusky using her PhD knowledge of injury prevention, and increases strength and flexibility while promoting proper muscle engagement and stabilization.
  • Aerial: Multiple apparatuses are available to play/train on at Aerial Dance, including aerial silks (two strands of fabric hanging from one attachment point, think Cirque Du Soleil!), aerial hoop (a steel circle hanging at varying heights off the ground) and aerial hammocks (one strand of fabric secured at one or two points to form a sling at the bottom). There are different class structures for a single apparatus depending on the workout goal. For example, for the Aerial Hammock apparatus, there are four different types of classes offered: “Fabric Fit” is a strength and conditioning class that uses the hammock with components of TRX and Aerial Yoga; “Fabric Flexy” increases active flexibility using the hammock with components of Aerial Yoga and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation; “Fly Foundations” is a circus style class that teaches basic hammock tricks; “Fly Flow” is an advanced circus tricks class where individual tricks are sequenced to form long in-air combinations. All aerial classes can be taken as drop-in and many don’t have prerequisites.
  • Flexibility and conditioning: In addition to apparatus based classes, Aerial Dance also has multiple classes that build strength and/or flexibility using minimal equipment and focusing on proper form. The Vertical Barre class, for example, focuses on toning the legs, butt and abs while using the pole (a vertical bar!) like a ballerina would a ballet barre.

Aerial Dance also offers private lessons, group lessons and parties for special occasions!

What are instructors’ qualifications?

Aerial Dance instructors hold multiple nationally accredited fitness certifications and participate in ongoing weekly training. The company website, lists instructor biographies and training qualifications. All instructors were students of the program for at least a year before beginning the extensive instructor training program.

What are Aerial Dance Pole Exercise facilities like?

There are three studios within the Aerial Dance Appleton location. The Pole Studio is the first you’ll see upon entering the facility; it has 9 permanent 10 foot poles made of stainless steel that spin. The Fitness Studio has a single pole, gymnastics stall bars and lots of fitness equipment for intimate classes that focus on technique. The Aerial Studio has 9 chrome semi-permanent poles, 10 aerial hammocks, and numerous attachment points for hoop and silks. Both the Pole Studio and Aerial Studio have a wall of floor to ceiling mirrors. There is a bathroom on site with full shower with towel service and two changing rooms.

What is the atmosphere like?

In a culture that sets unrealistic physical expectations, Aerial Dance focuses on strength and ability instead of numbers. The classes are challenging, but the environment is exceedingly positive. The students support and share in each other’s accomplishments, and making friends is a common occurrence!

Where can you learn more?

For more information about Aerial Dance Pole Exercise, call 920-750-1441 or check out Upcoming pole classes begin September 13 or November 8. Drop-in aerial, flexibility and conditioning classes are available daily.

Aerial Dance Pole Exercise


1871 N. Silverspring Drive, Appleton

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