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  • November 2015
Written by  Grace Olson

Massage Envy Spa — Experience the ultimate in well-being

Massage feels great and offers a respite to your everyday routine, but if you solely think of relaxation when you consider massage, think again. There are multiple reasons as to why massage is good for you. It’s important for your overall well-being, and deserves a significant place on the list of habits to include to live a balanced and healthy life.

No one knows this better than Massage Envy Spa’s Multi-Unit Manager, Amy Nitschke.

“Total body care is an integral part to everyone’s well-being journey,” Amy says. “We consider what we put in our mouths — what we eat and drink — we exercise, but there’s more to healthy living than just those things. Therapeutic touch is definitely another way of taking care of yourself.”

Massage Envy Spa makes it exceptionally easy to share in this facet of well-being. With locations in Appleton and Green Bay, and also sprinkled around the Midwest, their ability to help in improving your health is right outside your door.

A comprehensive and welcoming space

Massage Envy Spa’s certified therapists are trained to give several different types of massage, which runs the gamut from deep tissue to Swedish to those specifically used for serious athletes looking for a quicker recovery time between workouts. Most people are familiar with the “typical” terms when it comes to identifying a massage, but do you understand what Swedish, hot stone and other therapies are really capable of?

“Deep tissue and Swedish massage, for example, help in numerous ways,” Amy explains. “It of course can relax and reduce stress, and take care of some of the pain aspects that we live with every day. Sports massage is great for anyone as well. It keeps the muscles relaxed and releases the buildup of toxins that tend to gather in our bodies.”

Other benefits of massage include the promotion of circulation, a healthy sleep cycle and the conquering of everyday stressors that affect us on a daily basis. Matching your specific needs with the right therapist and massage is what Massage Envy Spa strives to do each and every time someone enters their doors. They pride themselves on taking care of each guest as an individual, no matter what that person may be going through… in sickness or in health.

But it doesn’t end there.

A partnership in promoting the utmost well-being

Massage Envy Spa is also an expert in providing relaxing and beneficial facials, which aptly caught the attention of world-renowned skin care line Murad®. Dr. Murad and Massage Envy Spa share the same philosophy: total body care is integral for a healthy life.

“We provide four Murad healthy signature facials, which are exclusive to Massage Envy,” Brittany Johnson, Lead Esthetician and also the Wisconsin Lead Esthetician of the Year for Massage Envy says. “You won’t find them anywhere else. They feature Murad high performance clinical skin care formulas.”

Massage Envy both uses the Murad line in their facials, and offers the products for purchase, bringing the technology and treatment to your home care routine.

The following four Healthy Skin Regimens Kits are exclusive for Massage Envy Spa and are designed for use after a Murad Healthy Skin facial. Each kit corresponds with one of the healthy skin facials offered at Massage Envy Spa.

As a bonus, members receive a 10 percent discount off these trial and travel-friendly exclusive kits. They are designed to provide 30 days of high performance home care for members and guests until their next professional Murad Healthy Skin facial at the spa.

Why should you consider a Massage Envy Spa facial?

Facials can sometimes be touted as lavish, but there’s truly nothing healthier for your skin. Massage Envy Spa has the certified therapists and education to provide the best, which boast the following benefits:

  • Relieves stress: In addition to facials keeping your skin vibrant and youthful, the healing power of touch also helps you relax and rejuvenate.
  • Exfoliates skin: Regular facials can help slough off dead skin cells and improve skin’s texture.
  • Increases circulation: Skin is our largest organ and properly caring for it with regular facials can help increase circulation, which gives skin a healthy glow.
  • Fights environmental pollutants: Receiving regular facials can help protect your skin from environmental aggressors, like pollution, by infusing antioxidants into the skin to help neutralize free-radicals and keep the skin more purified.
  • Helps even skin tone: Facials can help to fade dark spots and even skin tone, creating a more uniform appearance for the complexion over time.
  • Cleanses pores: Regular facials, especially with expert extractions, can help control skin congestion.
  • Calms irritation: Murad products contain calming and soothing ingredients, which can improve the look and feel of skin that is irritated, red and inflamed.
  • Helps skin maintain optimal hydration: Optimal hydration is a benefit from regular facial care that helps to plump skin, making it smoother, more full, and giving it bounce.
  • Helps improve immune system: Studies indicate that facial massage can boost our body’s natural defense against pathogens.
  • Allows for opportunity to get professional guidance for home skin care: It can be difficult to know what products are truly right for your skin without professional guidance.
  • Acne Healthy Skin Regimen: Designed for home care use after a clarifying enzyme acne facial. Clinically proven: 92 percent of users experienced a reduction in acne breakouts in just 3 days*. Three steps, 2 times a day, 30 days to clearer skin.
  • Environmental Shield® Healthy Skin Regimen: Designed for home care use after an Environmental Shield® vitamin C facial. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of sun and age spots by 33 percent in 1 week*.
  • Age Reform® Healthy Skin Regimen: Designed for home care use after an anti-aging facial. Clinically proven to firm skin 61 percent after just one application*.
  • Resurgence® Healthy Skin Regimen: Designed for home care use after a sensitive skin facial. Helps improve skin’s firmness, tone and overall health of the skin.

Massage Envy Spa helps you benefit at the highest level

Although most consider a facial or massage a treat to experience every once in a while, there’s an even healthier way to do it, and that’s simple: receive them more often! Massage Envy has discovered a system to allow the ongoing benefits of massage. Their monthly membership plan helps people continuously experience the healthy advantages of therapeutic touch, and at a discount. Not to mention their friendly and knowledgeable therapists and team simply like seeing the faces that come through each month.

“It’s such a rewarding feeling knowing that out of all the options they have that clients choose Massage Envy for a great spa experience,” Brittany Johnson says. “My favorite part of the day is working one-on-one with clients and addressing their needs.”

And that’s not just women. They see a lot of men come in for both massage and facials, a fact that Amy and Brittany and the team at Massage Envy Spa are proud of.

“Really anybody can benefit from visiting us,” Amy says. “And we appreciate that guests put their trust in us!”

Source: “Murad’s Rx for Success.” Massage Envy newsletter. Edition 19: Oct. 2015.

Fall Skin Care Event!

When a Massage Envy Spa guest or member receives a facial from Nov. 7 to 15, and buys $75 in Murad product, they receive $10 off their facial service as well as their choice of 3 of 5 deluxe Murad tokens of appreciation!

Massages are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle, and the best in the business is nearby! For more information about Massage Envy Spa’s services and locations, visit


3201 E. Calumet Street


Green Bay

1241 Lombardi Access Road


*Individual results will vary. Study results on file.

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