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In union there is strength – Lake Park Swim & Fitness Making a connection ... one member at a time

Lake Park Swim & Fitness’s mission statement says it all: Inform. Connect. Inspire.

Even in its concise delivery is the underlying and straightforward message owners Felicia Christianson, Megan Collins and Jane Dias want to send to the community they’ve been a part of since 2008. They are a united force, dedicated to motivating and educating the Fox Valley in a variety of ways, but most clearly by simply doing what comes so naturally to them.

“The three of us are not only working in and managing our business, but we’re also working out in our business,” Felicia says. “Members see us working out, being trained by our certified trainers, using the club amenities — we are doing what we want our members to do.”

“We lead by example,” Jane adds. “Our mission statement is simple to remember and easy to carry out. We expect our staff to embrace it and live it as well. We’re linked together as a team, and know the importance of being connected to our membership base.”

The trio has worked together in the fitness industry for 20+ years, and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, this year there’s an intensified commitment at Lake Park Swim & Fitness (LPSF) that members of the club and the community can expect to see on regular basis, catapulting the already idyllic business model to new heights.

“We are excited about the newest addition to our team,” Megan says. “Ja’Tame Schabo is our new Director of Member Connection, and her focus is member integration: connecting members to staff, classes, programs and other members. Truly making sure that every single member has a sense of belonging at LPSF.”


Being embraced by the LPSF team — made up of 72 staff members, including 26 instructors and 8 trainers — happens immediately upon entering the luxurious 25,000 square foot facility, and continues throughout your stay. (See sidebar on next page for a list of extensive amenities!)

Informing their guests and membership base is a main priority for the group when it comes to welcoming people from all walks of life, and begins with a simple phone call and invitation.

“When people call, we take the time to understand their needs, tell them about our club and always invite them in for a tour,” Megan says. “So when they step through the door for the very first time, they already know that LPSF is not your ordinary health club.”

Membership options, group exercise classes, personal training opportunities, events and all amenities are discussed in that first tour. The value in the all-inclusive health club is unrivalled. Once you’ve become a valued member of LPSF, the communication only improves with the team’s constant updates surrounding new classes, small group training, promotions and specials, and innovative programs via several mediums in and outside of the club.

“It’s really, really important for us to make sure we have touch points with our members,” Felicia says. “They are constant reminders that members matter to us.”

While those informative touch points come in many packages: email blasts, social media promotions, rotating banners on LPSF’s many TV screens and seminars, the owners still prefer good old fashioned conversation.

“Our favorite way to inform our membership base is of course face to face,” Jane explains. “If anyone has any questions, we want them to ask. We are out and about in the club and we’re accessible to our members. We love interacting with them!”


Felicia, Megan, Jane and Ja’Tame work as a cohesive front when it comes to managing LPSF’s business, but want to be clear about one thing:

“We have distinctly different personalities!” Felicia laughs. “And yet in our eighth year in business, we’re still close friends and work very well together.”

“That unison and that connection is really important to us,” Jane adds. “It trickles down to our staff, but most importantly, helps in our connections with members.”

Megan explains that having such unique character traits in addition to maintaining such a strong friendship actually helps their business thrive in a big way.

“By having one of us always there, members begin to gravitate to us for certain things,” she says. “They’ll go to Felicia with some questions and Jane for others.”

Chances are you’ll have your pick when it comes to interacting and seeing the four of them at the facility within your time at LPSF. Not satisfied with simply working in their offices, you’ll find them behind the front desk folding towels and helping check members in, assisting members in the weight room and directing tours.

“We’re right there in the thick of things so we know our members and they know us,” Jane says. “It’s one of the reasons we’re so excited to bring Ja’Tame on board to help us take that connection to the next level.”

Ja’Tame’s role as Director of Member Connection is to ensure new and existing members feel just that — connected. Scheduling new membership orientation, one-on-one meetings with trainers and follow up calls are only the beginning. She’s also available to accompany members to group exercise classes or assist them in workouts they may be unfamiliar with.

“If a member has always wanted to try something but they’re nervous, Ja’Tame will say, ‘I’ll go with you!’” Megan says. “They have that one-on-one time to make sure they get situated and they’re comfortable.”

Sometimes that initial hesitation and the fear of the unknown is the hardest part about working out and choosing a health club, Felicia explains, but that isn’t the case at Lake Park Swim & Fitness.

“We want to stay connected to members and make sure they always feel comfortable when they walk in the door,” she says. “That means greeting them by name and making them feel like a part of our family.”

In fact, it’s not only the personal greeting members have come to expect, but the farewell too.

“We’ve noticed members will stop when they’re leaving our club,” Jane says. “They’ll pause and we know exactly what they’re waiting for — someone to simply say, ‘Bye! Have a great day!’ because they know we always do.”

It’s in the belief that member satisfaction and consistency in the services they provide is vital that helps LPSF to thrive, not to mention the club’s overall attitude in wanting to provide the best, most welcoming space for everyone in the community.


Lake Park Swim & Fitness caters to everybody, whether you’re a young adult, a senior working through an injury or rehab, an athlete simply wanting to improve your fitness level, or someone who is interested in losing weight. They’re there to connect and inspire, no matter your background.

“There are so many different types of members,” Megan explains. “We want them all to feel welcome and most importantly to feel inspired to voice their goals, make a plan to achieve those goals, and be held accountable for doing so.” It’s the culture at LPSF and its commitment made to each member to inspire, educate and provide a state-of-the-art facility that makes excelling such a reality for members.

“We definitely want to see them come in weekly to form a habit,” Felicia says. “Members’ usage is important to us. We worry about them when they don’t show up!”

Feeling inspired to work out is decidedly easier when you feel comfortable and confident in the people assisting you. For this reason, LPSF personal trainers are educated, experienced and certified. When you connect to a trainer during the complimentary new-member orientation, you choose what you’d like to be introduced to. It can be a one-hour session to familiarize yourself with the cardio machines — treadmills, bikes, ellipticals — a combination with the weight room, or how to make the most of your pool workout.

“Instead of just water walking every time, why not incorporate the water weights or the use of the kickboard?” Jane asks. “A trainer actually spends the hour with that person showing them different ways to make their water exercise more effective.”

Inspiration also comes in the form of support, and that doesn’t just mean the team. Megan explains that in her experience she’s found that members want to belong to something… not just a gym or health club, but they want to belong to a group, and that’s something LPSF has achieved in their ability to inspire members to connect on both a workout and personal level.

“We encourage people to linger at the club after workouts and enjoy complimentary coffee and conversation in our lobby and cafe,” she says. “This social aspect helps create lasting relationships and lifelong connections, inside and outside of LPSF.”

Inspiration happens outside of LPSF too. The team gets involved in community events like the Fox Cities Marathon, participate in raising awareness for cancer prevention with on-site fundraisers, facilitate in giving to the emergency shelter, veterans organizations and Homeless Connections. LPSF staff and members working side by side inspires a sense of pride, ownership and community involvement.

“Members tell us that LPSF has become a second home,” Felicia says. “They end up wanting to spend a lot of time here with the people they’ve formed friendships with. It really happens organically.”

“The club has an energy,” Jane says. “It’s vibrant, it’s alive. Everybody is welcome and feels like they belong here. Members are a part of who Lake Park Swim & Fitness is.” 

730 Lake Park Road, Menasha • 920-882-8900 •

Lake Park Swim & Fitness members enjoy:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • The cleanest facility in the Valley
  • 70+ group exercise classes each week — all included!
  • Zumba • Cycle • Yoga • TRX • Les Mills • Aqua classes and more — all included!
  • Member/non-member personal training
  • Executive style locker rooms
  • Complimentary towels and amenities
  • Radiant floor heating in pool area
  • 4-lane lap pool and 10-person whirlpool
  • Cardiovascular training center with personal TVs
  • Extensive variety of strength training equipment
  • Men’s and women’s soothing steam rooms
  • Tanning and massage
  • Outdoor tennis
  • Relaxing cafe to enjoy FREE coffee
  • Complimentary WiFi in cafe
  • Secure playcare for children
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