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Understanding your hair type

It can be overwhelming when it comes time to choosing the correct products for your hair type. The average woman has 3 or more shampoos in their shower. Step one is understanding your hair type, which can be difficult because some people can have two different hair types. For example, someone might have curly hair in the back of their head and straight hair toward the front. Another example: thick gray hair can be around the temples of their head and the rest is their normal color.

Everyone needs a balance between moisture and protein in their hair. Your hair should have elasticity. Each strand, if healthy, can be stretched up to 30 percent of its length. A great way to test your hair is if you stretch one of your hair strands. If your hair breaks easily, it has too much protein and it is lacking moisture, and you should be using a moisture based regime. However, if you stretch a hair strand and you find that it doesn’t have elasticity, you need more protein to build strength in the hair. Your hair will often change as you use different products so the elasticity test is a great way to tell what your hair needs.

Hair can also change based on the climate. In the summer, there is a lot more moisture in the air, which is why curly hair gets bigger and is harder to manage. This is when people with curly hair might need their dose of protein. Now, in the winter, most people get very dry, and you might want to lean toward moisturizing products.

Let’s talk texture:

  • Curly hair: A general rule of thumb is that curly hair is always lacking moisture because the cuticle layer is never completely closed.
  • Gray hair: Typically gray hair is so strong that it doesn’t need protein because it has many more cuticle layers versus someone who doesn’t have gray hair. This is why gray hair is so hard to cover with color.
  • Fine hair: People with fine hair need to be careful because most products weigh their hair down. They also need to watch out for certain “volume” based products as they could have alcohol in them and will dry their hair out to make it feel “thicker.”

Hair treatments are an excellent way to give your hair a boost of what it needs. However, use caution with protein treatments as too much protein can cause breakage. It is best to stick to the professionals so they can prescribe what is best for your hair type. 

Shawna Peterson

Shawna Peterson is the owner and founder of the The Organic Skin. For more information, call 888-295-4333 or visit

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