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Going green in 2016

For backyard gardeners and property owners, if you’re serious about maintaining the health of your plants, your pets, your family and our environment, organic choices for lawn care and care of trees and shrubs are a must.

For the long-term health of your soil, plants and property, organic options for lawn care, weed and pest control are simply the best.

In our society of quick-fix, gimmick products, including toxins that we spray and spread over our landscapes, lawns, even our own bodies, it’s time to take a stand when it comes to caring for and nurturing the things we treasure.

Thankfully, there are businesses in our area that specialize in organic and hybrid lawn care solutions for home and business property owners.

Valley Organics, located in Neenah, is one of them.

“We’re the oldest single-family owned organic lawn care company in Wisconsin,” said owner Troy Reissmann, who also operates The Shinery.

“‘Going Green’ in 2016 has never been easier,” he said. “We use several locally sourced bio-based fertilizers that are toxin free. Our unique products provide lawns with the trace minerals that stimulate microbial growth, which in turn provides a richer source of nutrition for your lawn.”

Organic lawn and tree care works from the roots up, providing your lawn and landscape with healthier, more beneficial nutrients to help build a lush, full lawn that is the best defense against invading weeds and other common lawn problems. The organic approach provides a long-lasting solution, not the quick, temporary fix you see with toxic chemicals that simply mask symptoms and can present danger to native wildlife, pollinators such as butterflies and bees, even our own pets.

Valley Organics offers two 100 percent natural lawn service programs, as well as hybrid programs and other lawn care services such as aeration and lawn restoration.

“Our four-step 100 percent Natural Lawn Care Plan is 100 percent organic,” Reissmann said. “We use a combination of granular and liquid fertilizers to maximize the growth of the turf. With our Natural Plus Plan, we provide a six-application program, adding a fall aeration and healthy winter treatment to support your lawn the entire growing season.”

The program includes treatments in early, mid and late summer with Valley Organic’s special Liquid Super Green Tea.

“We make the compost tea ourselves,” Reissmann said, adding that the blend is three times stronger than competitor compost tea offerings.

It’s never the wrong time to begin an organic lawn care program. No matter the condition of your lawn, providing organic treatments and alternatives to harmful chemicals will enhance the beauty and sustainability of your lawn and continue to build a strong foundation for future seasons to come.

The lawn restoration programs available at Valley Organics can help to restore a thick, full, healthy lawn in areas currently in need of repair. Lawns that are thin in even small patches are susceptible to invasions from pesky weeds that work their way in and take advantage of open spaces in the lawn to quickly colonize and take over.

A lawn restoration program using organic and hybrid applications to rebuild a healthy root system and therefore, a healthier, fuller lawn, keeps invading weeds at bay.

Valley Organics is accepting new clients for 2016. Visit for more information or call 920-205-5252.

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