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Introducing Pam Wellbrock and FGXpress

Pam has been a professional natural health care provider since 1985. Pam earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in southern California in the mid-1980s where she began working with a chiropractic office. She then returned home to central Wisconsin as a natural health consultant. She has been certified in Shiatsu massage, herbology, diet and nutrition, electro-dermal screening, live blood cell viewing, homeopathy, essential oils, emotional freedom technique, ion cleansing, and more. Two years ago she joined FGXpress because they provide a wide variety of excellent natural health products for dieting, pain relief, beauty and cellular nutrition. Being an FGXpress independent distributor, she is more inspired than ever before. Above all, she loves seeing people become healthier. She also enjoys managing a business where potential residual income is unlimited. Commissions are earned from those ordering online and from enrolling others who also become distributors (multi-level).

Pam loves working with people. “The job satisfaction is amazing. It doesn’t even seem like a job,” she says. “When people share wonderful testimonials about how they are getting better using FGXpress products, it motivates me to have more meetings and tell more people!”

When traveling, she is able to connect with the expansive FGXpress online office wherever the Internet is available. Hours are flexible and the investment is minimal with only a dollar per month distributorship fee, including the online website. She considers an online business office the wave of the future, and the independence makes working very convenient.

Home business tax deductions save money. She deducts office expenses, her computer, phone and business mileage to name a few. Accountants encourage people to start a small business for the many tax benefits. Children who assist in a family business don’t even pay taxes on their income up to a certain level. You might even have a small business yourself.

FGXpress distributes over 20 natural health care products. To view and order, visit

A favorite product of Pam’s is Ketopia™, which is a weight loss kit. It focuses on a ketogenic diet with a meal replacement bar for breakfast and a shake for lunch. Dinner is a serving of protein, healthy fat, vegetables and low in carbohydrates. People have been reporting a fantastic ½ to 1-pound loss per day while on this diet. (See Pam’s archived Nature’s Pathways article “A Ketogenic Diet for Health and Weight Loss” from our Jan. 2016 issue.)

Another of her favorite products are PowerStrips™, which are ultra thin U.S. FDA listed class 1 medical devices that adhere to the skin to provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains, and promotes healthy skin. These strips contain Korean red ginseng and Alpha 3 CMP™ marine phytoplankton on the inner layer, and the outer layer contains germanium, which generates long wave heat or far infrared. (To learn more about these healing ingredients, see our online archived article, “The Ingredients to Good Health” in our June 2014 issue.)

BeautyStrips™ contain an anti-aging serum for daily use along with a kelp facial mask for cleansing. The telomere lengthening extract Telagenex 5 (from the astragalus herb) used in the serum is also available in capsule form called Retrome’. Pulse-8™ is a powdered nutritional supplement for cardiovascular support. It includes L-arginine, a Nobel Prize winning nutrient, which converts into nitric oxide for increased circulation.

If you’d like to earn extra income through direct sales marketing and help others become healthier, talk to Pam about FGXpress. She teaches how to be successful with multi-level sales. She hosts monthly meetings at Globe University, Appleton for tasty samplings and testimonials. This month’s meeting takes place on Thursday, March 24 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Watch the calendar section for upcoming meetings.

Pam Wellbrock, FGXpress Independent Distributor


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