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You’ve probably heard about essential oils by now, but you probably didn’t know they can do this…

It’s quite possible you’ve heard the buzz about essential oils. It seems as though everyone is talking about them. But are they really beneficial? It’s true essential oils do have medicinal benefits but that’s not all.


Many oils have the ability to repel pests. For instance, mice, spiders and ants do not like the scent of peppermint and will avoid going near it. Just a drop or two on a cotton ball placed in areas where these pests have been seen coming into the house can help this problem. Even mixing a drop of peppermint with a spray bottle full of water can be sprayed around doors and windows to ward off those pesky pests. And at the same time can be safe to spray around humans and your lovable pets. Make sure your oil is pure and does not contain any added chemicals or synthetic oils. These will not be as effective and could cause harm.

If you live in Wisconsin then you know the mosquitoes here can carry you away! Oils can be used to fight them off naturally and they are very effective. Ticks and fleas do not like oils either. I use oils in a witch hazel base to make a nontoxic but effective spray to keep these pests off my children as well as my dogs.


Cleaning with oils? Yes! Many oils have antibacterial and anti-viral properties and can be used to fight germs. This includes mold and mildew that can grow in your shower, clothes washer, dishwasher and even your toilet. Use a mixture of vinegar and water in your spray bottle. Add a drop or two of essential oil to the bottle and shake before using. Spray on the area and let solution sit for a few minutes, then wipe off. The best part is that you are disinfecting without having to ventilate the room or worry if any may spill or splash onto your skin. Oils not only clean but they also make the house smell wonderful.

Removing stains and odors

About 2 years ago our little dog was sprayed by a skunk. It was really bad. I decided to use a blend of essential oils in her shampoo to see if it would help. We were amazed. With just 2 drops of the blend in a small amount of shampoo the smell was gone. Even when the dog got her hair wet again there was no skunk smell. These oils can also be used to diffuse in the air to eliminate odors in the home.

It’s frustrating when you put on a new shirt only to spill coffee down the front of it. But it’s even worse when the stain of the coffee doesn’t come out. Did you know that lemon essential oil can help to remove stains from clothes? Cold-pressed from the rind of the fruit, this handy oil can do so many things. From helping to remove gum and stickers from surfaces, sticky pine sap from hands to removing grease and permanent marker from clothing and furniture.

Mood management

A great way to boost mood is to diffuse or breathe in essential oil. Just a drop in the palms of hands and rub together. Cup your hands over your mouth and nose but be careful to touch the skin on your face and avoid your eyes as well. Take some deep breaths.

Oils can even help to calm the family dog when separated from their owner, or before that visit to the V-E-T.

Jeanne Gehrke

Jeanne Gehrke, Owner of Dreams of Jeanne LLC ~ Wellness Advocate. As the owner of Dreams of Jeanne LLC I offer my experience and education with a Bachelor of Science in Health & Wellness. Specializing in Essential Oils and whole body wellness. She offers AromaTouch Technique, Foot Reflexology, Detox Wraps, Aromatherapy and Weight Management Programs. Find Services, FREE Educational Oil Classes and schedule appointments at Contact her at: 920-841-0304, email: [email protected] Like us on Facebook:

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