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Nurse Practitioner Health Services, LLC

According to a State Department of Health Services survey in 2012, about 7.3 percent of Wisconsinites did not have insurance coverage — approximately 400,000 people. A 2013 report from the Kaiser Family Foundation put the number of uninsured in the state at 9 percent of the population. Both are the most recent estimates.

To address raising health care costs for patients and employers, direct care clinics like NPHS — Nurse Practitioner Health Services LLC (NPHS) — are on the rise. NPHS’s mission is to provide convenient and affordable health care to folks with no insurance, high deductibles or those seeking convenience.

Rachael Cabral Guevara created NPHS after seeing many patients struggling with transportation, companies struggling with increasing health care costs, and yearly high deductibles patients never met. Rachael is a Family Nurse Practitioner with focus on preventive health care and managing acute and chronic disease. Rachael has worked in retail clinics, family practice offices, employer clinics and community health centers. She opened NPHS in November 2014 providing appointments within a flexible setting: work, school and homes. In July 2015, NPHS opened a clinic to meet increasing employer needs and still continues the flexible setting appointments for convenience.

Direct health care clinics provide all the services a traditional clinic provides: X-rays, labs (blood, urine, etc.), drug testing, disease management, prescriptions writing, CDL physicals, biometric screenings, but at faction of the costs. Direct health care clinics can reduce costs by eliminating the large overheads related to billing and eliminating the upcharges needed for medical reimbursements through the insurance companies.

As health care costs continue to rise, exploring direct health care may provide reasonable options for patients and employers to manage costs and obtain quality, convenient health care.

NPHS direct health care vs. traditional health care

Service NPHS Traditional
Appointment length 45-60 mins

15-30 mins

Clinic appointment $75


House calls


Hours 24/7 Set office hours
Cost of labs and services Can be determined at time of visit. Payment obtained at time of service. Unable to provide costs at time of visit and you may receive numerous bills for 1 appointment.
Chest X-ray, 2 views $90


Lipid panel (cholesterol/triglyceride) $35


Federal urine drug test

$45 >$50










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