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Family Nutrition Center — Celebrating 40 years in Green Bay!

I thought you might be interested in learning a little about our history. 40 years is a milestone! Family Nutrition Center began in 1976. Health food stores were very different in those days. There was only one place where you could buy natural foods and supplements. Health food stores were the only place where you could learn about natural health. People who were interested in healthy living and natural foods were considered food fanatics and health quacks.

But health foods stores persisted and the interest in healthy living has finally become main stream. It is a wonderful time for consumers who have unprecedented access to natural foods and supplements. During all of these past four decades Family Nutrition Center has been teaching consumers how to incorporate natural foods into the diet and how to use nutritional supplements.

We began teaching natural foods and vegan cooking classes back in the ‘70s and ‘80s. We taught people how to make almond milk and granola, whole wheat bread and tofu and many foods that are now commonplace. Those were the days when none of these foods were readily available. We have customers who still use these recipes even 35 years later.

Education has always been the primary focus for Family Nutrition Center. In 1995 I began the Health Quest Radio Show, which ran in Green Bay for almost 20 years. Because of my passion for helping others understand the nuances of nutrition, it was natural to move to the internet. Health Quest Radio Show became Health Quest Podcast in 2011 and now has a library of over 200 episodes. My emphasis is to interview the doctors, scientists, researchers, authors, manufacturers and other experts in the natural nutrition industry. You can easily search for the topics that interest you and hear what the experts have to say. You can find my podcast at

This is a challenging time for nutritional consumers. It is a confusing marketplace. There are a lot of obstacles that can get in the way of your success. It used to be that independently owned health food stores were where people generally went for product and education. Retailers acted as gatekeepers to help customers find quality product and reliable guidance. It’s not like that anymore, except in stores like Family Nutrition Center, which still maintains education as a top priority.

Developing a nutritional program that works can be difficult for many. Making sense of all of the claims and finding companies and products that you can trust is getting harder all the time. There is no shortage of information. We can all find a ton of information any time we want. But what is missing is context. The average consumer doesn’t feel competent to judge what is good and what is not. Who do you trust to guide your choice in nutritional supplements? One of our core competencies is the ability of our staff to help you understand your choices.

It is the growing interest and popularity of better health through nutrition that has caused many more companies to get into the business. Some examples: Pepsi owns Naked Foods, Clorox now owns Renew Life and Kelloggs owns Kashi. And the list goes on. Big companies are gobbling up quality nutritional companies. They buy the products and the profits, but they don’t buy the philosophy. In each of the cases I’ve mentioned, the quality products have been cheapened to the point where they are no longer the same. The typical consumer does not know that these changes are occurring. Who can you trust to understand and articulate these issues for you, if not your locally owned health food store like Family Nutrition Center? Family Nutrition Center understands these issues and can help you develop a nutritional program that works.

We have also worked very hard to dispel the myth that health food stores are expensive. Family Nutrition Center carries products from the best companies with the highest quality products with prices that compete with the internet. Most supplements we sell are 20 to 40 percent off all of the time. In addition, we have another 10 to 20 coupons every month on our website. Our customers save hundreds of dollars every day with our discounts and coupons. You can check out our coupons at We also mail order for your convenience so you can save wherever you live.

If you are a customer of Family Nutrition Center, then you know what we do. We thank you for honoring us with your business. If you have never been to our store, then you should visit and see what makes us different. We are highly knowledgeable, we carry only the best brands of supplements and we make them affordable. Family Nutrition Center is dedicated to nutrition and your good health.

Steve Lankford

Steve studied and practiced natural health and healing for three years way back in the early 1970s. In 1976, he and his wife Debbie opened Family Nutrition Center, a health food store in Green Bay. Family Nutrition Center is located at 850-A Lombardi Ave. in Green Bay. Family Nutrition Center can help you discover a nutritional program that works. For more information, visit or call 920-432-6886.

Steve is also the host of, dedicated to nutrition and your good health. The mission of the podcast is to explore the science of good nutrition and good health, and to share that with listeners and customers.

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