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Keeping kids healthy during the school year

Most parents are concerned about how to keep kids healthy during the school year. There are always coughs and colds to contend with along with the seasonal flu. While it may seem simplistic it is my assertion that a child that is well nourished will do better. Every child is different and each particular child has their own issues.

While this article is considering the supplemental approach to boost childhood immunity, it is critical to consider the other factors which contribute to or detract from immune function. Diet is one the most important considerations. How well do your kids eat? If the diet consists of nutrient deficient foods, then it is much harder to build health. Sugar is especially detrimental. Sugar consumption can lead to a reduction in immune cell activity for up to 6 hours. So start with the foundation of good foods.

Part of a good nutritional program also usually includes supplements. Regular use of certain nutrients can provide benefits over a lifetime. Childhood is when a young body is creating new tissue and growing at a rapid rate. You can build better health for adults by starting while they are children.

Start with the basics that will be beneficial for every child:

  • Start with a good multi-vitamin for a foundation. You can build on that as needed.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, especially from fish oil, provide the building blocks of healthy brain, nerves and eyes.
  • Test your child for vitamin D levels. If low, which is likely, add vitamin D until adequate blood levels are reached. We don’t get enough sunlight vitamin D in our region.
  • Add additional daily vitamin C if your child seems particularly suseptable.
  • Add a daily probiotic. We now know that digestive balance and health is a key to better immunity.

Beyond the basics you can begin to acquire your natural medicines for use when needed. My advice is to keep a full supply of the cold and flu supplements for immediate use. You will be glad you have them on hand. If you never need them then you and your kids are very lucky.

Colds are different from flu. Learn the difference. Pay attention when things are going around. This is the time to bolster up support. You may be able to prevent your kids from getting sick by being proactive when others are getting sick at school.

I have found the greatest success with colds when attacking it at the first sign. This may be harder with kids but the sooner you begin to mount a response the sooner good health will return. The longer the time from initial onset to when starting treatment makes all the difference as to how long things last.

Treating colds:

Lots of vitamin C, especially at the onset. Some of the best remedies for children are homeopathic formulas. They are very safe, usually very easy to take. I especially like Wellness Cold and Flu and Wellness Cough Syrup as homeopathic remedies. I also like the Umcka products from Nature’s Way for bronchial issues especially. There are many herbal teas that can be soothing for coughs, colds, sore throats, etc. It can be challenging to have kids drink herbal teas but teas can be very effective at easing symptoms and helping us feel better.

Treating flu:

Flu is different from a cold and kids often feel worse with the flu. There is a homeopathic flu prevention product called Influenzinum. This is taken weekly to reduce your risk of getting the flu. One flu remedy that I have used for flu is Occillococcinum. This is a homeopathic remedy that has been show to shorten the duration and severity of flu. When taken at the first sign of flu, you can feel better days sooner. It is easy for kids to take. If you know the flu is emerging you can take this prophylactically.

Another amazing flu support product is black elderberry. Black elderberry can be found in syrups and lozenges and taste good. Black elderberry has been shown to blunt the attack of flu virus. It renders the virus less effective allowing the body’s defenses to overcome sooner.

These are just a few of my favorite supplements that I have used over the years for myself and family. We always keep a supply on hand so we can begin dosing right away. There are many food nutrient formulas to choose from and you will likely end up experimenting until you discover what works be for you.

Seek to build better health and you will be less sick, less often.

Steve Lankford

Steve studied and practiced natural health and healing for three years way back in the early 1970s. In 1976, he and his wife Debbie opened Family Nutrition Center, a health food store in Green Bay. Family Nutrition Center is located at 850-A Lombardi Ave. in Green Bay. Family Nutrition Center can help you discover a nutritional program that works. For more information, visit or call 920-432-6886.

Steve is also the host of, dedicated to nutrition and your good health. The mission of the podcast is to explore the science of good nutrition and good health, and to share that with listeners and customers.

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