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Eight ways to lose weight quickly and safely

1. Make water your primary drink. Most drinks provide you with little to no benefit, with the exception of milk, orange juice and protein shakes. Did you know a regular soda can have up to 180 calories per 12-ounce drink? If you drink two sodas a day, that’s an extra 360 calories. If you multiply those 360 calories by seven days, you get 2,400 calories in a week. That’s almost a pound of fat!

2. Drink with small cups, eat with small plates. If you want to see results with your dieting, you need to consume less — not just in calories but also in portions. Using small plates, cups and utensils will allow slower consumption and an easier way to lose weight.

3. Change your carb intake. Switch white rice to brown rice and white bread to wheat bread, and replace potatoes with quinoa. These small changes can really reduce appetite and increase the quality of food intake.

4. Replace butter when cooking with items like olive oil and flaxseed oil. These oils are high in omegas and are less calorie heavy and fatty. Replace the stick with a few drops!

5. Increase workout frequency and intensity. Frequency: This means add another day to your workout regimen. Intensity: Increasing intensity can be done easily by increasing time spent working out, reducing the time between sets, increasing reps in a set, increasing the number of sets and increasing weight lifted. Choose one factor to increase intensity each week.

6. Cardio, cardio, cardio. If you really want to shed the pounds weightlifting is great, but coupling it with cardiovascular exercises will double your efforts in your weight loss mission.

7. Eat five small meals a day and no “pig out” meals. We often hear people say it’s good to pig out once and a while. No, no it is not! Routine and consistent dieting is the way to lose weight. Eat five small, protein-rich meals a day to increase your metabolism.

8. Smart supplementation is key! Many people when dieting use large corporate fad dieting pills. Newsflash! They don’t work. If they did, they would still be used today. 

This article is printed with permission from Nutrishop.

Brandon Hintz

Brandon Hintz is the owner of Lineville Nutrishop LLC, a locally owned and operated business specializing in sports nutrition, weight loss and general health. Lineville Nutrishop is International Fitness Certified, offers free meal plans, and can do events at your business or local gym.

Located in the Urban Edge Center in Suamico. For more information, you can contact them at [email protected] or Facebook at Lineville Nutrishop or call them at 920-544-9274. Product information is available at

Portions of this article are reprinted with permission from Nutrishop.

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