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Raising the barre — Lake Park Swim & Fitness brings your health to the next level

Lake Park Swim & Fitness (LPSF) has become an institution in the Fox Valley. It’s known for its 27,000-square foot state-of-the-art facility, friendly and welcoming staff and an unrivalled list of classes and amenities that keep their members returning day after day, year after year.

While other such establishments revel in their commitment to stay the same, LPSF is an organization determined to do the opposite: it is constantly evolving, improving and enhancing. Whether it’s in the space itself or the equipment and workouts offered, changing and growing is a conscious effort made by owners Felicia Christianson, Megan Collins and Jane Dias.

But the trio, who has worked together in the fitness industry for 20+ years, also knows what works to create the perfect balance of caring atmosphere and motivational environment. LPSF’s emphasis on creating healthy and happy members has been, and always will be, key to their success.

“After 8 years in business, we can confidently say that our mission statement of “inform-connect-inspire” is working,” Megan says. “We will continue to offer a health club that is focused on its members.”

“(We have) a strong emphasis on service, cleanliness, variety of classes, professional and experienced staff and complimentary amenities,” Felicia adds. “There is no denying the difference you feel the minute you walk through our front door — it’s a sense of belonging.”

A refreshing new workout that’s fun

LPSF currently offers a variety of more than 70 classes each week, including aqua fitness classes, TRX, yoga, kickboxing (with bags), boot camp, cycle, core and step — all included in membership.

“We feel so strongly about the benefits of group exercise that we want classes available to members,” Felicia says. “We will even offer to have our Director of Member Connection, Ja’Tame Schabo, attend class with new members to make sure their experience is a positive one.”

“Of course, not everyone likes a group atmosphere and that’s why we have 10 degreed and certified trainers for one-on-one or partner training,” Megan adds.

Newest on the list of class offerings at LPSF is the addition of barre fitness.

A combination of dance technique, yoga and Pilates — and using a ballet barre and other props for support — the workout is the continual use of small, isometric or pulsing movements versus traditional, full-range movements usually associated with strength and resistance training.

“It offers our members a low-impact, full-body workout that specifically focuses on areas many struggle with: hips, thighs, glutes, abs and arms,” Jane explains. “It’s a different way to challenge your body while still benefiting from weight bearing and resistance work.”

An already idyllic space with mirrored walls overlooking a pond, water fountain and a sunset view, LPSF’s cycling studio has been enhanced even further with the addition of a permanently mounted custom ballet-like barre for barre fitness classes. Beginning with class times 3 days a week to start, a small class size of 10 allows instructors, Sarah, and personal trainer, Chris (see included bios to learn more!) to devote their knowledge and expertise to each participant to ensure proper form and the kind of hands-on attention LPSF has become known for.

Felicia, Jane and Megan themselves have become an institution at LPSF, and have a lot to share about their love of helping others to achieve success in their fitness goals, but their message boils down to a simple, significant fact:

“Join Lake Park Swim & Fitness and you join a supportive community that truly cares.”

Meet the best of the best in barre fitness at LPSF!

Sarah Pierre, Barre Fitness Instructor

What makes LPSF a great fit for you? When my husband and I were looking at different gyms in the area, we were both impressed by the kindness of the staff at LPSF. Additionally, I appreciated the strong sense of community among members and staff.

Why barre? I grew up dancing and have always loved ballet. Additionally, I love the motivation that comes from group fitness classes… barre fitness is a perfect combination of all the things I love.

Who would you recommend taking a barre fitness class? The best thing about barre classes is that they are very accessible for a wide variety of individuals. No previous dance experience is required and even though the class is fast paced, it is low impact and very safe. I would recommend taking a barre class because they are fun and so incredibly effective in creating long, lean and strong muscles.

Is there anything you’d like to tell people who may be hesitant to take a barre fitness class at LPSF? It has been a blessing for me to be able to share something that I love with others. I would be so honored to be able to help you reach your own personal fitness goals and work with you to help you get the most from your workout. A barre class may seem very different than other classes at first but I encourage you to stick with it and I promise that it will become easier as you become stronger.

Chris Bentley, Certified Personal Trainer

Where did you get your training? National Academy of Sports Medicine.

What makes LPSF a great fit for you? I moved to Wisconsin three years ago from San Jose, California. The first time walking in Lake Park Swim & Fitness I wanted to be part of this amazing family. I have been with (them) three years this October.

How long have you specifically been involved in barre? Barre has been in my blood for 6 years.

Why barre? I have been participating in classes the last six years and have noticed a tremendous difference in my body in several areas: my strength, and improvements in many muscle areas such as glutes and hamstrings.

Is there anything you’d like to tell people who may be hesitant to take a barre fitness class at LPSF? The music adds a challenging and exciting environment to each workout, and you will leave each class feeling a sense of relaxation, but at the same time feel good that you discovered a new fitness opportunity that you truly will come to love.

By participating in these classes you will definitely notice a change in overall body muscle groups. This class is perfect for clients of any age and fitness level. (Barre fitness) is something you can do every day. I do! 

A member’s perspective…

“Chris (Bentley) and I have been doing barre for most of the time that I have been training with her. Barre is anything but easy and it really works each muscle group. It also shows amazing results!”

—Lynne James, LPSF member

Lake Park Swim & Fitness members enjoy:

  • Member/non-member personal training
  • Executive style locker rooms
  • Complimentary towels and amenities
  • Radiant floor heating in pool area
  • 4-lane, 25-yard lap pool and 10-person whirlpool
  • Cardiovascular training center with personal TVs
  • Extensive variety of strength training equipment
  • Men’s and women’s soothing steam rooms
  • Tanning and massage
  • Complimentary outdoor tennis and pickleball
  • Relaxing cafe to enjoy FREE coffee
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi in cafe
  • Secure play care for children

Inform. Connect. Inspire.

“LPSF’s mission statement is simple to remember and easy to carry out. We’re all linked together as a team, and know the importance of being connected…”

Lake Park Swim & Fitness

730 Lake Park Road, Menasha


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