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Fox Valley Cryotherapy — Look younger and feel younger

Weight loss

With the New Year here and summer just around the corner a lot of us are scrambling to shed the winter weight that tends to creep up on us during the holiday season. At Fox Valley Cryotherapy we can help individuals stay on track reaching goals by jump starting the process. With one 2 to 3-minute treatment of whole body cryotherapy a person can boost their metabolism while burning up to 800 calories after a session. It is recommended to utilize this treatment along with proper diet and exercise for maximum results.

Cryofacial: Better than Botox?!

Help your face become flawless with a cryofacial. Are you experiencing looser skin, enlarged pores, puffiness, skin conditions (i.e. rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis)?

Cryofacials help treat the face by increasing blood flow to areas that are affected. This blood flow is constricted due to the response of the cold through a controlled beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen. The constriction helps to reduce the appearance of large pores and tightens the skin. Once the cold has moved off of a particular area the blood dilates, causing more oxygen and nutrients to be carried to the area. Thus increasing collagen production and the appearance of healthier looking skin.

When this treatment is performed in a series, it can have positive outcomes that include maintenance thereafter.

Say goodbye to pain

Arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, joint pain, strains, sprains, headaches and more are just some of the things that cryotherapy can help with! Cryotherapy targets specific areas of the body that are inflamed and in pain. Cryotherapy combats this by constricting the blood vessels thereby decreasing the inflammation. If pain or inflammation is keeping you from enjoying your favorite activities like running, gardening, walking or whatever it may be then let us help you get your life back!

How many treatments are recommended?

The amount of treatments is dependent on the person, what they are suffering from and what it is they are looking to get out of cryotherapy. We recommend 5-10 sessions spaced 1-2 days apart for the maximum benefits, which gives the greatest cryotherapy experience. After a person finds the relief they want treatments become maintenance to stay healthy.

How does it work?

Our cryosauna uses cryogenic nitrogen vapor to lower your body’s skin temperature to 30-50 degrees in 3 minutes or less. The skin reacts to the cold and sends messages to the brain that acts as a stimulant to the regulatory functions of the body. The skin’s exposure to the extreme temperatures also triggers the release of anti-inflammatory molecules, endorphins and increases oxygen, nutrients and enzymes in the blood, which helps the release of toxins in the body. 

Fox Valley Cryotherapy was established in June 2016 by Joseph and Erin Mattice: “We are residents of Appleton who strive to be positive role models for the future of Appleton. We feel it is important to consciously give back to the community with small acts of kindness and to always remember where you came from, since it is the people we have crossed in life that have helped us become who we are today. With that being said, we strive to always have a friendly, comfortable place where our clients are special and not just a number. We welcome you to come enjoy conversation while feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed.”

Fox Valley Cryotherapy

2161 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Appleton • 920-750-3338

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