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Your personal transformation

Springtime is a symbol for transformation, a time for change and a time for becoming. Once barren trees bring forth buds, leafs and flowers. Bulbs gracefully rise up through the soil as the entire landscape comes alive, a diverse palate of brilliant color. The caterpillar prepares for a complete metamorphosis by liquefying, reorganizing its molecules into a new pattern and becoming an entirely new creation. This beautiful new butterfly now has wings, majestically flying for the first time in her life.

The story of the butterfly is a metaphor for our personal transformation. If we want change and don’t let go of the life we’re living, then in a sense we die. We must completely let go of our old paradigms, our habits and beliefs about ourselves and the way the world works. Only then can we emerge into a higher order of being. We don’t just transform in a couple of weeks like a monarch butterfly does. We must be able to see our own blocks and limiting beliefs before we are able to change, and replace these beliefs with a more expansive view. We must continually take action steps with our new systems and habits of belief.

How do we break through our old limiting paradigms after they have become the pattern that we have lived for so long?

It starts with a vision for your ideal life. What makes you come alive? If you could be, do, have, create and give anything regardless of age, race, gender, education, time or money, what would that be?

Where do you want to transform your life — in your health? In your relationships? In your vocation? In your time freedom? Your financial freedom?

What is your longing? What is your discontent? What are your core values?

What is important to you? What is your purpose? What is your “why”? What would you love?

You might not know all the answers to these questions right away, so you start somewhere like, “What would I love”?

There is a system for creating a vision, and putting it in the highest frequency possible — one in harmony with your dream. Without a vision, there is no new pattern to work with. Even with a vision, the call of the old familiar is powerful, like the pull of gravity. A rocket going into space needs booster rockets to get it past the Earth’s atmosphere. Without them, the rocket would never make it out and would come crashing back to Earth. A structure of support such as a highly qualified mentor or coach is critical to help you transform your life from the old familiar status quo to the vibrantly alive and rich life you are seeking to live.

Once you create a blueprint, it’s time to set action steps and goals

Your paradigms will be screaming at you, “You can’t do this!” They are very sneaky. They can emerge as a distraction, a dissuasion or an alert that something highly important has to be done first. Your paradigms will do anything to keep you “safe,” although they are really keeping you stuck.

At a very early age, many of us were told “get real,” “pay attention,” “stop daydreaming,” “get a job with benefits and retire and then you can live the life you love.” You deserve to live a life you love now. You are your highest authority, and it’s up to you to make a decision for your life.

True transformation occurs when we override the fear, doubt and worry, and endeavor confidently. Confidence doesn’t mean we don’t have fear. Confidence means we take action in the presence of our fear. You must be in love with your vision, and have a burning desire to succeed.

We don’t transform all at once. We take baby steps, one at a time. You can climb Mount Everest with baby steps. You’re going to bump up against your paradigms. That’s good news! Once you are aware enough to notice them, you can override them and become the person living the life that you want to live. We transform the world by transforming ourselves. We don’t do it alone. We do it with a system and a structure of support.

Become the change you want in your life. Become the person who is living that ideal life. Personal transformation, then, not only becomes a possibility, it becomes a reality.

Margie Ziegler, LMT, RYT

Margie Ziegler, LMT, RYT is the CEO and founder of Dream Life Ignited LLC, and is a certified life mastery consultant, Chopra certified meditation and yoga educator, and an expert level myofascial release therapist. For more information, visit, email [email protected] or call 262-388-8821.

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