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Life’s Journey Wellness

The mission of Life’s Journey Wellness is to serve the whole person: mind, body and soul. We do this by providing clients with high quality, evidence-based integrative services delivered by our collaborative team of committed, professional practitioners.

The vision of Life’s Journey Wellness is to empower people to heal and grow as they build their authentic lives. We are a group of healing professionals that includes counseling services, one-on-one therapeutic yoga, acupuncture sessions, community (group) acupuncture, qi gong private sessions, reiki, integrative body massage, Hatha yoga classes, qi gong classes and mindfulness offerings.

At Life’s Journey Wellness, we believe in a multi-disciplinary team approach to foster optimal healing. Clients have the option of utilizing a team approach in which a comprehensive intake is scheduled. After the intake, our team meets to staff each case to determine which specific services may help that client each step of the way. In developing the integrative treatment plan, we take into consideration therapies that are most effective on the journey to healing. We then present the suggestions to the client as we believe in a client-centered approach. The client’s input, along with our professional recommendations, make up the comprehensive integrative treatment plan.

Clients may also choose to participate in any of our services ala carte:

Counseling services

  • Safe and neutral place to process the emotions cancer can bring
  • Develop skills to manage difficult emotions
  • Improve and build upon relationships
  • Develop tools to manage each moment by connecting the mind and body through relaxation, guided imagery and mindfulness — particularly useful pre-op as well as during cancer treatments


  • Reduce pain (acute and chronic)
  • Decrease nausea, headaches, hot flashes and fatigue
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Reduce stress, increase relaxation response


  • Learn skills to quiet the mind
  • Develop tools to stay in the present moment instead of getting stuck in the past or worrying about the future
  • Reduce feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Decrease over-identifying with thoughts and emotions

Qi gong

  • Experience a moving meditation safe for every age and physical ability
  • Reduce pain by reducing stress in the body
  • Learn to use slow, regulated movements to guide the body
  • Balance energy in the body instead of taxing energy — effective during and after medical treatments

Therapeutic yoga

  • Private sessions allow for a custom sequence built to detox and strengthen the body, mind and spirit
  • Strengthen the immune system before, during and after any type of medical treatment
  • Learn poses and phrases to manage pain and fear while building feelings of empowerment
  • Learn the art of Viniyoga: placing the student as the most important piece of the puzzle

Yoga classes

  • Connect in a supportive environment
  • Experience slow, meditative Hatha style yoga classes
  • Deepen self-awareness
  • Connect the mind and body

integrative therapeutic massage

  • Offering Integrative Therapeutic Massage, a style incorporating techniques from multiple modalities
  • Deep tissue, therapeutic, Swedish, neuromuscular, relaxation and body energy healing
  • Each session customized toward individual needs and concerns

To schedule an intake or session with any of the practitioners, please call 920-205-8780.

To register for classes, please visit

Life’s Journey Wellness

3925 N Gateway Drive, Appleton


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