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Even trainers benefit from trainers

In 2011 my husband and I moved to Hawaii where he was stationed with the Navy, and he left for deployment two weeks after we arrived. Since he was gone for 6 months I started getting into working out and was inspired by how the body can be transformed. I started doing research on different workouts and began following several bodybuilders on Instagram, but still I did not know how to properly work out or create efficient workouts to help attain my personal goals. I also was not properly fueling my body with the right food, which helped me learn the importance of food fueling because I was not seeing body transformation. Even though I did plenty of research, I could not find the right balance with the information I found online. It wasn’t until my husband got back from deployment that he and his buddies started to teach me a lot of things about working out and eating right. They started taking me to the gym on base where I remember I was quite intimidated watching how intense everyone seemed, but I fell in love with lifting and seeing how much I was able to lift! It helped having their help because they motivated me and made sure that I did not hurt myself. After starting to see results and feeling amazing, I realized that I wanted to help others achieve their goals too — by becoming a personal trainer!

A couple of years later and it has become an amazing and rewarding job! I see my clients from the beginning of their journey, motivate them during every workout and push them to their limits. Helping them set goals and seeing them achieve those goals is a great feeling, knowing they have worked so hard every day. Not everyone has motivation to work out on their own or write their own workout, so a great way to reach goals is to work with a trainer.

Similar to how I started getting into working out most people start by looking up workouts online to try to find motivation from social media. This is a great way to find workouts, but to actually hold yourself accountable to do the workout can be a huge challenge — not to mention making sure you are performing each exercise properly so that you do not injure yourself. These are the challenges I ran into when I first started working out. Even though I am a trainer now and am motivated and knowledgeable enough to put together meal plans and workouts for my clients, it’s a struggle for me to do it for myself. As a trainer a daily routine can sometimes be challenging with trying to schedule clients at different times of the day, figuring out when I will eat and also finding time to do my own workouts. Because of this, I actually have my own personal trainer who writes my workouts, does my macronutrient calculations and holds me accountable to reach my goals.

At Aerial Dance we offer personal training to help women reach their goals, cross-train to build strength with the different aerial apparatus in mind and to build their confidence. I am able to meet with them to figure out their goals, whether it is to build more upper/lower body strength or help them work on a specific trick that they are struggling with in class. This way I can tailor their workouts to them specifically and they can build the proper strength for that trick. Seeing the students progress with their strength each week is one of the awesome parts of being a trainer! Knowing that I’ve helped them in different ways is a very humbling and rewarding aspect of being a trainer.

Purpose is a great motivator. A woman with a purpose is said to be unstoppable. The aerial arts have helped to give me purpose! Tying personal training into helping women build their strength and confidence in themselves is invigorating. It is an amazing feeling to watch students grow, and as they grow they become more determined about taking more time for themselves. More women are doing personal training and nutritional consulting to better themselves. As I watch these women change by taking back control of their lives it is a very empowering feeling to be helping them. Aerial Dance has been a leader in changing women’s lives through the aerial arts, and the new personal training program is another way they are staying in the lead. If it was not for the aerial arts I would not be the strong, confident person I have become. Thanks to all the wonderful women I work with at Aerial Dance, and most of all the students that come to Aerial Dance. I would not have found such great purpose in my life without you! 

Chrissy Kramm

Chrissy Kramm is an instructor at Aerial Dance in Appleton. She holds multiple fitness certifications including Personal training and Aerial Yoga. For more information about classes go to or email Chrissy at: [email protected]

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