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Invitation to learn organic gardening

I am the owner of Natural Expressions. I gave my business that name because everything I do expresses my view of what is natural as opposed to artificial. My business is located in a very natural setting, with my property just north of Plamann Park.

Artificial fertilizer, pesticides and even artificial food ingredients have been around a long time. At least two generations have never experienced what is natural. Natural food is very important for our physical health. Science is now relearning how important nature is to our emotional health as well. Human health has declined in the last 50 years. We live longer because of drugs that can keep us alive. Although older, we are sicker. My goal has been to be older and healthy.

My passion is natural expression of everything, including gardening. Every chance I get to “express the natural” and how to achieve it, I jump at the opportunity.

I have that chance and I would like to invite the readers of Nature’s Pathways to participate. As a member of The Paper Valley Garden Club, I have offered to hold the club meeting at my Natural Expressions location. I would like to invite all readers to attend the meeting. The meeting will include a tour of my organic garden and a presentation about the importance of and how to garden organically for our health and the health of our planet, as well as how you can become an organic gardener too.

The meeting is Monday, September 11 starting at 6 p.m. with a social and of course healthy snacks provided by Natural Expressions, followed by a tour and presentation. Questions are welcome. The meeting will be over by 8 p.m.

Please call 920-954-9727 to let us know you are coming. The location is 825 E Broadway Drive, on the north side of Plamann Park: take Meade Street north to Fox Valley High School, and turn right at the next corner by the Plamann Park sign. I look forward to seeing you! 

Rosalie Misco (Grandma Rose)

Grandma Rose’s shop, Natural Expressions Bakery, is now open by appointment by calling 920-954-9727 and is located at 825 E Broadway Drive in Appleton. Visit her website at Shipping will be included in the price listed there. Grandma Rose’s email address is [email protected]

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