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Don’t let fear stop you!

All of us have things in life that we love doing: spending time with friends, being outdoors, shopping, reading and the list goes on! Have you ever found something that sparked your curiosity and at the same time made you fearful to try it? Why do we let fear stop us? We are afraid of messing up, afraid of being embarrassed in front of others or afraid of failing. So instead we don’t do that thing that we want to try and lose out on many life experiences. Everyone at some point in their life experiences fear in some way and you just have to learn how to face it head on.

Being a pole and aerial arts instructor I hear many stories from students on how they were scared to try pole and the aerial arts, but after they tried it they fell in love with the sport! When I go out in public with my Aerial Dance clothes on, I have many women ask me about pole and they seem so excited and curious about it. I take the time to talk to them and they usually respond with “I am too scared,” “I am not strong or flexible enough,” “I don’t have the right body type for pole,” and “I have to find someone to go with me.” It makes my heart hurt when women put themselves down and don’t believe that they are capable of anything they set their minds to. I encourage them to come try some of our classes so that they can see that this is a sport for everyone! Pole and aerial will help build strength, flexibility and most of all confidence! We need to be confident in our choices in life and what we want to do. If we let fear stop us from doing things, we will never grow and learn.

Fear keeps us from moving forward, it keeps us stuck in our same old routines every day. If you find yourself sitting there with your lists or goals for the day and not really acting on them, do you know why? When I am struggling with a move at the studio or see my students struggling, I notice that it’s a lack of motivation that is coming from a lack of confidence that keeps them from doing it. The fear of failing consumes them but then I go over and encourage them to try it, reassuring them that it is OK to fail, it’s OK to grow at your own pace and they try it and they get it in time!

When I don’t move forward it is usually because I am afraid of failing, afraid that I’ll disappoint people around me. Too often I have let fear stop me from doing things and frankly I am sick of it. Many people and students tell me that because of my strength background with growing up on a farm and becoming a personal trainer that pole and aerial come easy for me. That’s false! I struggle with things daily when I am practicing. I have my goals written down but the motivation is lacking to reach those goals. Lately, I have been reminding myself of why I started pole — it was for myself and no one else. Several years ago I looked into joining some pole studios in Hawaii and I didn’t because I was scared to do it alone. I remember looking at the websites and seeing the heels and I was immediately fearful that it was not the sport for me, but I was still curious. When I moved back to Wisconsin I started looking for a studio and I found Aerial Dance! With being more fitness based, no heels, I immediately signed up even though it is an hour and a half from where I lived. Where did that fearful feeling go that I initially had in Hawaii? How did I just forget about all of the things that I was scared of? The judgement? The failing? I believe it was a glimmer of confidence that finally started to come out.

So if you find something that you have always wanted to try that you are scared or fearful of trying but still curious — do it! You never know where it will lead you in life. You may just find yourself and that confidence that you have been looking for. 

Chrissy Kramm

Chrissy Kramm is an instructor at Aerial Dance in Appleton. She holds multiple fitness certifications including Personal training and Aerial Yoga. For more information about classes go to or email Chrissy at: [email protected]

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