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Why aerating your lawn is essential

In the past nine years, we have aerated thousands and thousands of lawns. Unfortunately, we haven’t aerated thousands and thousands more. I hear the same old reasons why not — the little cores don’t break down fast enough, it’s too expensive, the soil is too hard, etc. 

It is essential to aerate your lawn at least every other year. Think of your grass as your kids or pets. Every living thing needs three things to live: water, food and oxygen. Fertilizing your lawn throughout the year is the food. Rain (this year lots of it) will give the lawn that much needed drink. What about oxygen? The small holes made from the aeration allow water and oxygen to enter the soil. You will receive double the length of the grass roots. The roots carry the moisture and nutrients and the longer the root, the longer the grass stays alive and green.

Although some thatch is good for a lawn, extensive root development often occurs in thick thatch layers. Because thatch can heat up and dry out quickly, these root systems are vulnerable to desiccation. In contrast, wet thatch holds excess water during rainy periods, resulting in reduced oxygen to turf roots. Thatch in a lawn is also controlled with annual core aerations. You will see a much thicker, greener and less thatchy lawn within weeks of an aeration.

Why winterize?

Possibly the most crucial step in feeding your lawn is winterizing. Your lawn will start going into, and coming out of, dormancy quite a lot in the next few weeks. Wisconsin weather is fickle, literally changing every day. After the long winter ahead, the lawn will once again start this process. As the lawn comes out of dormancy, a nice slow release of natural fertilizer will be just what the lawn needs to green up in the spring. Winterizing will also lessen the chances of winterkill and cold damage usually associated with frigid winter conditions.

Protect your trees

You’ve invested quite a bit of time and money in the trees and shrubs on your property. Protecting that investment is easy and cheap! First off, never ever use any synthetic forms of fertilizer on your trees. Chemicals and synthetics can speed up the growth of the root system, causing a shortened and unhealthy life of the plant. A simple and affordable spraying of natural fertilizer, neem oil and dormant oil in the spring and again in the fall is all you’ll ever need. This protection will seal up the trees, feed them and treat any disease they may have. It will also suffocate any insect eggs left this summer that could hatch and cause havoc next spring!

Give us a call and we can help with any lawn or tree questions or concerns. Until then, thanks for an amazing season from all of us at Valley Organics! 


Troy Reissmann

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