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Jane feels rejuvenated after the spa experience

I had the opportunity to attend a Rejuvenessence mediSpa (R-mediSpa) soiree in June and learned about some great skin care products that do not contain the usual harmful ingredients found in the majority of skin care and makeup lines on the market today. After happily using the Skinbetter line and Jane Iredale makeup that I purchased that day for a few months, I was curious about R-mediSpa’s other services. After all, I was going the extra mile to nourish my body from the inside out and applying clean, chemical-free makeup to my skin so why not treat myself to more?

I discovered that R-mediSpa offers a complimentary consultation to address a client’s concerns at which time options are presented to address those issues. They also thoroughly explain the procedures they offer. There is absolutely no high pressure sales pitch and I was able to choose the option I was most comfortable with. Keep in mind that I have some of the usual culprits like broken capillaries, pigmentation variations, surface irregularities and fine lines. Since I had never had the “spa experience” before and wasn’t overly bothered by my imperfections, I decided I wanted to try the microdermabrasion. I found out later that this is actually their signature procedure that they are well known for. This is a very noninvasive procedure that is suited for most skin types. I felt it would help to exfoliate dead skin cells allowing my moisturizer to work better and it would be in line with my “Keep nasty chemicals off my face” mantra. My anesthetist, Heather, thought that would be a good first step for me.

My appointment started out with a brief health history form to fill out. The staff at R-mediSpa was attentive and welcoming and it was a very zen-like atmosphere with soft instrumental music and aromatherapy. I learned that it is not a one-size-fits-all office and that they customize every last detail to what they feel will work best for the client. Heather determined that I should be treated with the papaya enzymatic solution based on my skin needs and let me tell you it smelled amazing!

The microdermabrasion was not what I expected at all. It was soft and cool to the touch. It was like a little vacuum nozzle that gently sucked debris from my face. Because it hardly made any noise at all, it allowed me to ask Heather about 1,000 questions! As I was lying on a heated bed with my face wrapped in a warm towel letting the moisturizing oils soak in, I couldn’t think of anything more relaxing. I need to mention that afterward my face felt like baby skin. Seriously, baby skin!

After Heather waited for me to stop feeling my face over and over she let me know that she wasn’t done yet. Based on her evaluation she also chose a volcanic silt mask to apply. It wasn’t like the concrete concoction I can remember getting as a kid at the drug store, but luxuriously silky and I could feel my pores doing a happy dance. OK, I exaggerate, but it felt fantastic! Heather also gave me the most relaxing neck and shoulder massage that only added to the level of calm I felt. I could get used to this!

After the microdermabrasion treatment and silt mask, I asked to have a makeup consult because at their soiree I had a color match done and had so many compliments afterward about how my makeup looked so natural. I knew I was finally wearing the right color foundation. Since that was in June and it rained for the rest of the summer, I didn’t get out in the sun much and felt my face was not as tan. It turned out my shade was lighter, and Heather gave me some great makeup application tips that I was not aware of. Since she knew I did not wear much makeup, she used complementing neutral colors so when I was done I looked much better but not overly made up. She did not take me out of my comfort zone, but enhanced the features I had that made me — well me.

I have been busy raising four children and that doesn’t give me much time to think about me. Now that I took time to care for myself, it has reenergized me in many areas. I cannot recommend enough that every woman at least have a consultation to talk with the professionals at R-mediSpa about their services — and they offer a lot! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by scheduling a visit and experiencing their expertise. Maybe then it will be your turn to feel like a queen! 

Rejuvenessence MediSpa

2201 E Enterprise Ave #104, Appleton


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