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Hear for the holidays

The holiday season is finally here. That means you are about to attend an abundance of family dinners and holiday parties. Hearing loss affects 48 million Americans; chances are, someone in your family is one of those individuals. Take the opportunity this holiday season to finally have the conversation you have been putting off, and talk to your family member about getting their hearing checked.

It is important to note how much treating hearing loss can do beyond simply improving the ability to hear. It has been linked to improvements in general health, professional success and emotional well-being. While untreated hearing loss may lead to difficulty concentrating, problems storing new information, increased cognitive decline and an increase of physical injuries, those who treat their hearing loss can see an improvement in their overall quality of life. In addition, many experience a decrease in feelings of depression, anger and anxiety; an improvement in their balance; renewed confidence; an increase in social interactions; and healthier and longer lasting relationships.

Hearing loss affects everyone, not just the individual with the impairment. I recommend following the below steps to make yourself part of the solution.

Have an honest conversation. Tell your loved one why you want them to get their hearing checked. You can remind them of the things they are missing or how they must feel when they have to rely on others to communicate.

Share success stories. You can either share personal stories or testimonials from These will show your loved one that they are not alone and that others were able to find treatments that worked for them.

Offer support. Going to the doctor and facing the fact that you have hearing loss is scary. Offer to help them make an appointment and attend the visit with them.

Remind them that they have nothing to lose. Scheduling a hearing screening is a quick, painless visit. They are not committing to anything. Your loved one will be able to learn about hearing loss and the available treatment options.

Most importantly, remind them that you love them. This is for them. You do not want them living in isolation and missing out on the things they used to enjoy.

For more information on how to talk to a loved one about seeking the hearing loss help they need, visit Your family member’s hearing screening can be completed at one of our three convenient locations in Shawano, Waupaca and New London. 

Thomas Parry, Au.D, FAAA

Thomas Parry Au.D., FAAA is an audiologist serving all of northeastern Wisconsin with Appleton Audiology Associates and Hearing Services of Wisconsin. Thomas obtained his degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Western Michigan University. He has extensive experience in both hospital and private practice settings. He currently offices in Appleton, New London, Waupaca, Clintonville, Shawano, Antigo and Merrill. Please contact him at 920-560-6748 with any questions regarding identification or treatment of any hearing or ear related issues.

For more information about your hearing and cognitive health, visit our website and locations:

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