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The case for couples massage

A candlelit room. Soft, relaxing music whisking you away to a peaceful place. The aroma of essential oils carrying your cares away. Two massage therapists easing you and your significant other’s stress and tension with each purposeful massage stroke.

Couples massage is a notoriously romantic and relaxing date night activity. But have you ever stopped to consider the important role massage therapy and the power of touch play in our everyday wellness?

Massage has been scientifically shown to have hundreds of health benefits. Notably, massage can help to reduce blood pressure, reduce the level of the hormone cortisol in the blood stream, reduce the physiological effects of stress, depression, and anxiety, and promote deeper, more restful sleep. Massage can ease pain and discomfort of many varieties and can also help to enhance exercise performance. Massage stimulates the release of many feel-good hormones (oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine), which boost feelings of happiness, intimacy and affection. For these reasons, couples massage is a perfectly-balanced scientific “love potion.”

In her book, “Touch,” Tiffany Fields claims that in many circumstances, touch is stronger than verbal or emotional contact. Nevertheless, Fields argues that many societies, such as current American society, are dangerously touch-deprived. Accordingly, many people today suffer from a shortage of tactile stimulation, which she terms “touch hunger.” After a stressful day at work or a busy week with children and the demands of family life, often times we have no more energy to physically give to one another. This is why seeking professional massage therapy services is a perfect solution. The shared adventure of a couples massage is a great way to inject quality time into your relationship while letting a licensed professional take care of you. Literally all you have to do is show up!

During a massage session, people are instinctually driven to let go of the past and the future and turn their attention to the present moment. Being fully engaged in an activity together can help couples recharge and reconnect and hopefully apply that same level of mindful awareness to their time outside of the massage.

Furthermore, by choosing massage as your date night activity, you can celebrate your relationship and spend time together without worrying about wrecking your diet or having the pressure to dress up or put on makeup.

Couples massage is not just a novelty. Look at the prospect of enjoying a massage together as a well-deserved break from the external noise of life, and as an investment in your health and relationship. 

Michelle Vandeyacht

Michelle Vandeyacht is the founder of Komorebi & Co., LLC and is a licensed practitioner of both esthetics and massage therapy with nine years of experience. She has been a life-long advocate of a cruelty-free, plant-based lifestyle and is a mom to three children and one old Pitbull mix. She and her partner Dave enjoy cycling and traveling whenever possible. You can find her at Komorebi & Co., 500 W. Franklin Street in downtown Appleton, and at



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