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Ulness Health Insurance & Wellness

Ulness Health Insurance & Wellness is a family-owned health insurance agency that helps individuals and employers buy health insurance in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

In the last decade, buying health insurance has become increasingly confusing and expensive, so more people are turning to the expertise of an independent insurance agent to make sure they are getting the best value on the insurance they need. Partly because health insurance has become so complicated, Ulness Health’s agents focus only on health insurance and not other types of insurance, such as life insurance or property insurance, which leads to a deeper level of expertise.

Ulness Health agents assist people throughout the health insurance life cycle: from employer group health insurance plans, to plans for individuals and families without employer coverage, and finally to retirees and Medicare beneficiaries.

Ulness Health agents help business owners looking to offer employee health benefits, choose between PPO, HMO and POS provider networks and co-pay, and HSA plan designs, which can be mixed and matched to offer the desired balance between benefits and costs.

Ulness Health agents help individuals and families without employer health insurance, such as independent contractors and early retirees, analyze their income to determine eligibility for federal tax credits that may dramatically lower the cost of monthly premiums. Enrollment assistance also includes analyzing plans for in-network medical providers and optimal plan designs, such as deductible amounts, co-pay amounts and Health Savings Account eligibility.

One of Ulness Health’s deepest areas of expertise is health plans for Medicare beneficiaries. When you turn 65, you enter a whole new world of health insurance and the choices can be overwhelming. Ulness Health agents provide guidance regarding when to enroll in Medicare Part B, whether a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan is the right choice, and which Part D prescription drug plan will have the best coverage for your medications.

Ulness Health does not charge a consultation fee for its services, so you pay the same premium whether you use an insurance broker or buy insurance without agent assistance.

Ulness Health also believes there should be more to managing your health than an insurance policy, so in addition to traditional insurance consulting services, Ulness Health also offers innovative wellness strategies for improving your health and keeping your health care costs low. Its agents take special care to explain wellness benefits offered by your insurance to improve your health and can connect you with wellness providers focused on prevention and treatment of the whole person.

Ulness Health is located in downtown Appleton at 214 North Superior Street. Contact Ulness Health at 920-735-2852 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule an appointment.

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