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Business Profile: North Wind Renewable Energy

North Wind Renewable Energy is a solar power system design and installation company that organized in 2007 in Stevens Point. Our mission is to educate people on the numerous benefits of solar power and to deliver clean solar electricity to the utility grid in order to help people take concrete steps to combat climate change and resource depletion, to enhance energy security in their own lives and to make a wise financial investment in their energy future.

To our mission, we have installed over 350 solar electric systems throughout Wisconsin, with a total capacity of over 3.2 megawatts. That is a lot of solar panels! We install small and large systems, residential and commercial — all customized to our customers’ energy goals, space limitations and budget. Everyone uses electricity differently, everyone has a different solar resource and everyone has a different budget. Through education and consultation, we find that happy mix that works for you. Yes, solar does work in Wisconsin. Let us show you how solar can work for you.

Being a solar installer makes North Wind unique. But what really sets us apart from others?

In 2016, we began the process of transitioning to a worker-owned cooperative. We saw the opportunity to solicit long-term commitment from key employees and to build wealth on their behalf, to improve governance, management and decision-making and to build strong relationships with like-minded businesses and organizations in the communities we serve. We completed the transition in April of 2017.

Today, we have ten worker-owner members; they are the head of departments, electricians, sales people and installers. All have exactly one vote and one share in company equity. We believe this model benefits not only our employees, but also our clients by ensuring that everyone involved in your solar installation is invested in your best interests.

Going forward, shared decision making will take into account a more diverse set of perspectives on how we should grow and what we want to invest in, whether that be better benefits, new asset purchases or new services or offerings. Long term, we can look at North Wind as more than the sum of its parts. Members can join and leave with well understood terms and equity can be built and allocated to align with changes in membership as they evolve.

In general, we believe cooperative businesses are better able to weather the ups and downs that small businesses face in challenging markets. We think worker owned cooperatives provide a unique opportunity for rural communities to maintain vitality and diversity in their small business community and to attract and retain quality employees. Most importantly, co-ops support a long and happy relationship with their customers. 

North Wind Renewable Energy Cooperative

1626 West Pearl Street, Stevens Point

Phone: 715-630-6451

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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