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Jane meets with a life coach and reflects on living authentically

When I have thought about life coaching in the past, I always assumed there was an event that must have occurred to cause the person seeking it to lose direction and need help. Or, that the person didn’t know which path to take in the midst of a big decision. Because of this, I didn’t think a life coach would necessarily benefit me.

Then I met Lisa Klarner, a certified career coach and life coach as well as anxiety educator and author. I’m open minded, but I also consider myself to be happy and don’t feel particularly lost about anything; however, I ended up learning so much about myself that I can’t speak highly enough about the experience.

Our session began even before meeting in person. Lisa sent me a couple of links with evaluations she asked me to fill out a few days prior to our session, so she could examine those before we met. I personally loved this as it made me feel like our time together would be well-organized and efficient. In other words, we wouldn’t be wasting time.

The first was the Success GPS Assessment that Lisa explained would help see, at a high level, the barriers that may be holding me back from moving forward in life. The second was the CORE Map Assessment, which was a multi-dimensional personality test to provide me with the ability to recognize and capitalize on my natural strengths, to gain insight into the personality traits aligned with my true nature. The two combined only took about 30 minutes for me to complete on my own before my session with Lisa.

I loved this “homework”! It felt very valuable to me to go through and answer questions about myself. Plus, it was fun. Have you ever seen those “Which fruit/cartoon character/animal are you?” personality tests on social media? This felt like that but included actual scientific methods, so I knew there was purpose in filling them out.

I met Lisa in her cozy space in Appleton and instantly felt comfortable. Lisa has a very calming voice, and a presence that I couldn’t describe as being more perfect for her profession as a life and career coach. Lisa offers a 30-minute complimentary session called the Coaching Discovery Session that allows you to understand your stress and/or anxiety, gain insight into what coaching is and how it could benefit you and potentially discover areas of your life that may be holding you back.

I was able to experience the Complete Introductory Coaching Session that began with the above and lasted about 2 hours (the time flew by!). Lisa and I went through the results of the two evaluations I had done prior to seeing her, and I have to admit, I was nervous. I was honest and vulnerable while filling them out, so to have someone know that my flaws include being impatient and putting a lot of weight on others’ opinions was intimidating! However, Lisa analyzed the results in such a way that made it feel completely natural and even exciting.

Her research and preparation before our session was so noticeable during this portion. She used the CORE Profile Report to discover which of four temperaments I am strongest and weakest in: Commander, Organizer, Relater and Entertainer. Because of the evaluations I filled out and our subsequent conversation in person, she was able to determine how I see myself and also how I’m functioning in the world (they’re often different!). Lisa explained a few times that the goal was to discover when you feel “in flow” and when you don’t. We often develop skills and coping patterns that may not align with our natural temperaments. It’s important to examine these to live as our authentic selves and not feel drained. For example, I discovered being organized and task-oriented is a skill I possess when I need to, not my natural state. I’d much rather focus on people.

With Lisa’s guidance, we determined that I am a Relater/Entertainer, which is an Introverted-Feeling-Intuitive type as opposed to the other functions like Sensing and Thinking, for example. We talked a bit about what this meant, and how it might — or should — affect choosing a partner in my life. Everything she said seemed so logical as we examined it together. I love my job at this point but can certainly see why someone who may be struggling with their career could benefit from a Career Strategy Session with Lisa. During the session, your personality, strengths and weaknesses are explored, so the path to finding your true calling regarding your career with Lisa is a clear fit.

A few days after our meeting, Lisa sent me a follow-up email with even more information and a link to review the reports we discussed in person, along with a couple of others that delve even further into my personality type. The thorough nature of the whole experience made me feel like I was working with someone who genuinely cared about me and my journey. I felt so special before, during and after our life coaching session.

I would recommend everyone consider meeting with Lisa. Not only have I gained clarity about my authentic self, but it was such an enjoyable and calming experience that I would return just for that sense of peace. 

620 E Longview Dr, Appleton • 920-659-0142

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For more information about life coaching and living the life of your dreams, read Lisa’s June article.

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