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Loving the process

We all have been in a situation where we did not want to wait for something, we just wanted it now! That instant gratification can be an amazing feeling, but then you come down from that feeling and you want more. It is hard to stop the cycle. Society and technology these days shows us that we can get anything we want or need with just the touch of a button.

When it comes to the aerial arts there is no pressing of a button to gain strength, grace, flexibility (the list goes on). I remember when I was a student I had the strength for moves but flexibility and moving my body did not come naturally. I would often get frustrated and try to work on those things and negativity would take over my thoughts. I was not trusting the process, I wanted that instant gratification feeling. Why do these thoughts about having to accomplish everything the first time we try it consume us? I was always taught growing up that if I wanted something, I needed to work for it. So I started changing my thought process with my goals in mind. I have always wanted my splits and I thought that by just doing a few stretches each week that I would have them in no time — that is not the case! I quickly realized I needed to start working harder at reaching my goals and not just hoping that one day I would accomplish them. I needed to go back to the fundamentals and remind myself to love the process of how my body adapts to new things.

The aerial arts help women achieve their goals with sequential programs. This is amazing because they are able to see their progress with spins, poses, inverts and flexibility. It’s great seeing students post their first picture of a move and then where they are now with it. To see those improvements always makes me smile because they are improving themselves every time they are practicing. Everything is a process and students accel at their own rate, and shouldn’t feel forced into something they are not ready for. Even though those feelings of “I want it now” are going to be there, it’s good to realize that when our body is ready for something, it will do it. We are all different and have our own style so why not put more effort into being yourself and not focusing on trying to be like someone else? Social media again gets in the way with showing how the process actually works. We see a short clip of someone doing a move successfully and rarely see how many actual attempts it took to finally get it. It is great to have people to look up to for inspiration but we need to make sure we use that inspiration to find ourselves and to find our own style.

This month marks my third anniversary of teaching the aerial arts! Wow! Three years! This may not seem like a lot to some people, but for me it’s more than just going to the same monotonous job and doing the same daily routine over and over again. Every day is a new adventure! There is always something new to learn and it is so much fun! In these last three years, I have seen so many changes with the studio, the students and myself. Being able to reach women and help them find their strength and believe their beauty, and seeing students that I had as beginners that are now in advanced and extreme is amazing. I love seeing their progress and watching them grow by doing awesome tricks!

As for myself, I am finally finding who I am, what I was meant to be doing and loving the process. 

Chrissy Kramm

Chrissy Kramm is an instructor at Aerial Dance in Appleton. She holds multiple fitness certifications including Personal training and Aerial Yoga. For more information about classes go to or email Chrissy at: [email protected]

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