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Nussbaum Chiropractic

Nussbaum Chiropractic LLC is here to serve you and your family’s health needs whether you require a spinal adjustment, an orthopedic evaluation of a sore joint or developing a home exercise program. We also help improve gut dysbiosis, correct nutrient deficiencies and help with picking out the correct supplement to achieve better health.

Board-certified chiropractor Dr. Amy Nussbaum Schubbe has been in practice for over 26 years, offering both chiropractic care as well as functional medicine and nutritional counseling. She performed her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed her chiropractic training at Palmer in Davenport, Iowa. Functional medicine is an aspect of health care that looks at the whole picture of a person’s health, sometimes adding specialty lab testing and using nutrition to improve health. Appleton native Dr. Amy is also on the Fox Valley Celiac Board and counsels newly diagnosed celiac and gluten sensitive patients for the Fox Valley Celiacs group that meets five times per year. She loves uncovering food sensitivities that can be inflammatory for certain patients and counsels them on how to proceed with dietary changes and implement lifestyle corrections. She works to improve gut and immune health. The office carries vitamins and supplements that follow USP’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure quality and certification. Dr. Amy is married to fellow chiropractor, John Schubbe, and they are having fun raising three children.

Board-certified chiropractor Dr. Brad Donnermeyer joined Nussbaum Chiropractic in 2008. He brings 16 years of chiropractic expertise and also offers Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals. Dr. Brad received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He also completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology as well as his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Brad was born in Kimberly and now resides in Appleton with his wife, Anna, and their three boys. Dr. Brad loves being a chiropractor, helping his patients get out of pain and helping them live a healthier lifestyle.

Common conditions frequently seen in the office include: lower back and neck pain, sciatica, various types of headaches, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, hip and knee, shoulder, TMJ and arthritis complaints. We see pregnant moms for back and spine related discomfort. Many infants can experience relief with earaches and colic. In addition, motor vehicle and work related injuries are also treated in our office.

Our practice truly is a family practice as we treat patients both young and old. We are also blessed to have three longtime staff members who have a total of nearly 40 years of service helping our patients. Chiropractic assistants Mary, Jill and Jane assist in patient care and also keep the office operations smooth and steady with a ready smile. We help coordinate insurance benefits as a courtesy to our patients. We offer early morning appointments, making it convenient for the working crew or just early risers in addition to lunchtime and after work appointments. The office accepts most insurance and is in network with several plans. We are here to help you when the need arises.

At Nussbaum Chiropractic you will truly be cared for and not treated like a number. We get to know every patient and make sure they receive the appropriate treatment for their specific condition. 

Nussbaum Chiropractic, LLC

873 N Casaloma Dr, Appleton


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