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East Wind Healthcare celebrates 20 years in the Fox Valley

East Wind Healthcare is an acupuncture and functional wellness clinic that incorporates the best of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. Our staff is committed to helping you feel better, function better and look better than you thought possible — whether you have a single injured area or suffer from a complex chronic condition that robs you of the ability to live a normal life. It is our purpose to help as many people as possible function as well as possible using natural methods.

Founded as East Wind Acupuncture in 1998 by health care entrepreneur, Michael Buyze, East Wind provides its patients with a full line of acupuncture, Chinese medicine, functional medicine and wellness services. We believe the diagnostic process is of utmost importance to make sure our treatments are efficient and effective. To accomplish this, we combine modern testing (including labs looking at food sensitivities, hormones, nutritional deficiencies and toxins) along with traditional Chinese methods including pulse and tongue to uncover the root cause of your problems. We incorporate traditional treatments like acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary therapies and health coaching with contemporary, natural medications through our network of medical affiliates.

Acupuncture is covered by some health insurance policies and we are very experienced at insurance; we do more “third party billing” than any other acupuncture clinic in Wisconsin. We offer insurance checks as a courtesy to all of our prospective patients so that you know what your financial obligations would be before we begin providing service. We also do extensive work with the Veteran’s Administration as they too cover acupuncture in community-based programming for their patients.

If you’ve never tried acupuncture and are wondering if it might be helpful to you, feel free to call. We offer acupuncture consultations free of charge. If you have a more complicated chronic condition that you need help with or if you just feel that your health is not quite right, even though all of your tests have come back “normal,” we offer comprehensive wellness consultations to help you figure things out and develop a strategic approach. 

East Wind Healthcare, SC

with locations in Appleton and Fond du Lac


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3000 N Ballard Road, Unit #3 in Appleton

180 Knights Way (Inside Fox Valley Wellness) in Fond du Lac

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