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  • June 2011
Written by  Barbra Krummel

Follow your heart’s desire

Following your heart's desire can be tricky. Trusting your intuitive "gut" feeling can be scary. Taking that leap of faith that everyone talks about to get what you've always wanted or where you've always want to go takes courage that we don't always possess.

Living a life guided by Spirit in a human body with human emotions like fear can be a very exhausting undertaking. I for one know that if I would quit my job because I had faith that something better was in store for me, come bill-paying day, faith wasn't going to be paying the bills.

Now, I consider myself a spiritual person. I believe that Spirit (by any name), the angels, our guides and a whole host of heavenly beings are here to assist us in this human experience. I also believe that we have to ask when we are in need and have faith that we are heard.

But how do we live with one foot on earth and the other entrusted in the spiritual realm? How do we still have a sense of grounding but trust our intuitive guidance?

Read on because we're about to find out together! If you're reading this and we've gotten this far then that means I've decided to take that leap of faith! As of this very moment that I'm writing this, it's been two weeks since I've given my notice to my full-time employer of 11 years. I no longer have a job. I no longer have a boss. I no longer have a steady paycheck!

Let me first say it's an amazing feeling of freedom and release. It's the first time in my adult life that I've taken such a risk with my family's financial stability. That is the scary part. But the overwhelming feeling of being in control of this choice is amazing!

Just a little background, I am now a mother of two. Our son is 1 year and 8 months old and our daughter is a mere 5 weeks old! Even before our son was born I knew that I wanted to be home with our children but I also knew that I would still need to help contribute to our family's financial health. Unfortunately, my plans didn't go as I wanted. This is something that I've come to accept in my life because nothing goes as planned, not my plans anyway, only God's plans and his timing. I ended up going back to work after our little guy was only a month old. My heart broke and I vowed I would not let that happen if we chose to have another child. Again, "the plan" was to only go back for a short time, but as you already know that turned out to be a year and a half worth of missed time with our son.

Now after taking this courageous leap of faith and trust, my belief is that in order for our helpers to actually assist us in this earthly journey, we have to allow them to help. By this I mean to close one door so that another may open. When our cup is already too full, how are we able to welcome with open arms any sort of change? And by helpers I mean the spiritual kind as well as our human counter parts. We can't always recognize an "angel" in disguise. Direction, guidance, support and a helping hand can come from out of nowhere when we least expect it, so never question a "random" act of kindness.

Those random acts are by no means random. Remember when I said that we have to ask when we are in need? By asking we are opening ourselves up to any and all possibilities. We may have a specific picture or plan in our heads of just how it should happen but what may surprise us is that we may have similar results by a completely different way of getting there. Again, it's out of our hands. We just have to hold tight to faith and trust.

You may wonder why I've mentioned this faith and trust thing more than once. Well you see, I'm just reminding myself of it as well. For some, including myself, trusting in the unseen while having faith without doubt and fear on a daily basis can be nearly impossible. That's why if I'm able to take this leap of faith and follow my heart, anyone can do it! And I'm glad that I did because now I can help others as well.

I started writing this well before I made my decision to follow my heart so I had no idea where the thoughts and words were taking me. Once the decision was made I knew I wanted to share this experience with others and the words started to flow. I want to let other people know that it is safe to follow your heart!

I still don't have a plan. I still don't know where this journey is taking me. I do know that I'll never have to live with the heaviness and burden of regret! As this journey unfolds I can share my experiences with others and encourage them to take that leap of faith! I may stumble. I may fall. I may even fail but now I know I have the courage it takes to trust my heart's desire.

As I research options that come my way and search for opportunities that catch my interest, I keep several things in mind. First and foremost: if my heart is not in it, it won't work for me or my family. Second, listen to my intuitive voice, it won't steer me wrong. If something doesn't feel right, don't follow it. And third, keep an open mind as not all things are as they appear. What once wasn't an option or an interest might suddenly be exactly what I am looking for!

As I continue this newfound sense of freedom and release, I will admit the fear and doubt still have a tendency to creep in. I keep my family and friends close at hand because I know they support me. They will remind me why I chose this path when I'm feeling frustrated or scared. They will remind me to take a look into my children's eyes and feel their love. One day I will be able to share with them this experience and be an example for them! Which reminds me to look past that fear and doubt and see all of the positive energy that has already come out of this choice. A choice that I once thought I didn't have the courage to make!

There is so much talk about being, seeing and feeling the positive energy in all things so that we continue to attract that positive energy into our lives. But take it from me, the only way to attract positive energy is to live it and if your heart isn't in it, you won't see it, feel it or find it! And it won't find you!

So find that courage that we all do possess and take that leap of faith! You won't regret it and your heart will thank you for it!

Barbra Krummel is a certified life coach who owns WillowTree Life Coaching. For more information, call (920) 323-7058, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

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