Northeast Wisconsin
July 2017

July 2017

Fireworks represent celebration. I’ve seen them at weddings, lavish birthday parties and, of course, in commemoration of Independence Day. There’s a reason “ooh” and “ahh” are synonymous. Big, bright and loud is bound to garner attention and respect, and that’s exactly what they do. Who isn’t at least a little impressed with the beautiful bursts reserved for warm summer evenings?

Our July cover featuring Island Lavender Company — the fun animation, bright colors and fireworks — screams happiness and festivity. And that’s exactly what it feels like too.

Summer tends to be the season it’s easiest to revert back to feeling carefree and childlike. Swimming pools, camping, fairs and festivals, ice cream trucks (yes, they still exist!), and family vacations abound. These activities and the great weather help take our minds off the hard stuff, the adult side of things. They remind us of our childhood summers and although we likely didn’t know it at the time, spending time concentrating on our happiness.

Focusing on emotional health and self-care is equally significant as adults, but we must be mindful of the process. On page 14, Nicole Wettemann discusses how it is natural to want to avoid going through transitions, but that it may be just what we need to move forward.

Going through obstacles and growing older is inevitable, but losing a sense of wonderment doesn’t have to be. So when you’re watching fireworks this month, think about when you saw them for the first time: take a moment to gaze in admiration and appreciation.

Ah! Summer in Wisconsin. We wait all year to languish in the long days of sunlight, squeezing in as much as we can until the last ray has disappeared into the night. The kids are out of school, schedules have adjusted and sleeping patterns are usually adjusted. Most of us…
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