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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • March 2017
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Community Clothes Closet

I have a passion for nutrition and helping you stay healthy. I have written many articles about my passion for health over the last two years. But I have another passion, which started 40 years ago: helping poor and low-income working families put clothes on their backs. I got the idea to collect clothing from the community and give it away to needy families free of charge. I gave birth to the Community Clothes Closet (CCC) — then Christian Clothes Closet — on March 1, 1976. Over the past 40 years, volunteers have a passion to keep the Community Clothes Closet up and running without my help. Current director, Diane MacDonald, and her volunteers pictured to the right in the accompanying photo, do a fine job collecting clothing and giving it to needy families free of charge.

The Community Clothes Closet has grown over the years and needed more space. Space does not come cheap! The CCC does not receive government money and must make its own way. Here is a way you can help us help each other and yourself.

I, Grandma Rose, owner of Natural Expressions will personally give you one hour of information about healthy diet, weight loss, blood sugar control, healthy aging and more for just $10. The entire $10 will be given to the Community Clothes Closet. No other purchase is required. You can buy a ticket for yourself or a friend. Church groups or other groups can buy a ticket at $10 each and come to Natural Expressions for your class as a group. I have room for up to 30.

As a diabetic myself for 25 years, I invite diabetics and those who are pre-diabetic to purchase a ticket. That $10 ticket could save your life and the misery that comes from uncontrolled blood sugar. If sugar addiction or weight is your issue, I have help for you too. I will work with your schedule to make it possible for you.

To order a ticket, visit, click on ticket and pay the $10 online. When I get your order, I will contact you to set up a time for your class. If you prefer, you can call me at 920-954-9727 to order your class and pay for your ticket at the time of the class. Thank you for helping us help each other. 

Rosalie Misco (Grandma Rose)

Grandma Rose’s shop, Natural Expressions Bakery, is now open by appointment by calling 920-954-9727 and is located at 825 E Broadway Drive in Appleton. Visit her website at Shipping will be included in the price listed there. Grandma Rose’s email address is [email protected]

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