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  • March 2017
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When good planets go bad

Are there any good planets? Seems like one of them is always kicking my butt and the therapy bills are piling up. The easy answer is yes! Jupiter is a good planet! He brings abundance and prosperity, luck and optimism, wine, women, and song! The complicated answer is that none of the planets are strictly good or bad. A lot in astrology depends on you and your free will to decide which side of Jupiter you want to manifest at any given moment.

The dark side of abundance is over indulgence, after all, and it’s one of the reasons I always think of Jupiter as Dionysus: fat and happy with his wine just like so many Sagittarians out there who have Jupiter as their ruling planet. You know who you are! You can also have an abundant ego, which can be healthy and able to withstand the many low blows life will throw at you, or you can be one of those pompous windbag professor types who think they know everything and simply must point it out to you. The ones where you can’t get out of the room fast enough to avoid getting burned by their sphere of smugness.

Ah Jupiter also signifies one’s sense of humor. When well aspected, it makes for the consummate comedian and jokester. When not, it’s the girl who thinks putting peanut butter in all of your socks is funny when it is really just inconvenient and a waste of socks. Of course that could be my sourpuss Saturn talking and just not getting the joke on that one — but I digress.

Jupiter helps to guide and protect us as individuals, just as he protects the Earth from stray asteroids slamming into it. But there can also be a wanderlust to this energy, always looking to the stars and wondering what might be. Jupiter was the “almost star,” a binary twin to our Sun. People with strong Jupiter in their natal charts tend to believe it will all work out for the best, even when they fail to achieve something important to them. I may not be the Sun, but I’m still the biggest planet in the sky.

But as in Greek mythology some of the harder aspects can indicate a crushing and overbearing parent or spouse. In these cases Jupiter can block out some of the other positive aspects from neighboring planets and make it hard for the person to see or hear any other point of view. These are the folks who tend to hang on their parents’ or spouse’s every word and need their permission to do anything.

So if you have one of these harder aspects what do you do about it? You want some guidance, also Jupiter’s domain? Well just knowing about it is half the battle. It takes away the ability to deny what is clearly in front of us, giving us a new perspective. So if your father has had his thumb on you your whole life, not allowing you to be yourself through an opposition to your Ascendant, for example, you can choose to flip that disapproving energy around and understand that it may have been holding you back from embracing your true identity, and that it isn’t OK. Will it come easy? No. Change seldom does, but as they say where there is a will there is a way — and that will starts with knowledge and acknowledgment of the whole issue. In making that choice to call a spade a spade you’ve taken the first step.

Alright, how’d we get so heavy up in here anyway? I feel like I should throw in a joke to send us off:

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Europa who?

Europa creek, here’s your paddle

Thank you, folks, I’ll be here all night! Go out there, embrace your Jupiter and spread some smiles. 

Nikki DeKeuster

Nikki DeKeuster is a Transformational Astrologer and owner of Phoenix Rose Astrology LLC. She works alongside the Holistic Professionals at Cardinal Point located at 130 Main St. Suite 200, Menasha. Nikki is a strong believer in the healing potential of Astrology and focuses on empowering people to be who they are, not who the world wants them to be. You can contact, or schedule a consultation with, Nikki online at either or

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