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  • June 2017
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How to train your inner dragon

There’s a dragon that lives in each of us, one that both drives us to where we need to go in life and makes it hard to get there at the same time. Why the conflict? Well you might be at odds if you were cut in two as well, don’t you think? The aim is to put this dragon back together, and once we do so, we become an unstoppable force.

The dragon inside of us is split in two at the neck. The head is known as Rahu, or the North Node of the Moon; and the body is Ketu, or the South Node of the Moon. They are the two eclipse points and have recently shifted into the signs of Leo and Aquarius, respectively, for the next 18 months. Rahu and Ketu are in opposition until we learn to mend them back together.

This is no easy task, but names have power, and the first step is calling the dragon out. From there you can take the reins and decide what to do with what you know. Rahu, the dragon’s head, serves as a compass representing a place in your chart where you feel overwhelmingly compelled to succeed. You have a voracious appetite for perfection and mastery in this area, but as Rahu is only a head with no belly to ever feel full, you never feel satisfied or good enough there.

This feeling is distorted. One could be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but if their Rahu is in such a place they will never feel they have achieved enough. Everyone around them may say that they are successful, but they will not be able to hear it. Rahu always has their ear and is shouting over everyone.

The good news is that by identifying what Rahu is up to in your chart, you can quiet him significantly and harness your massive drive and ambition for your own good instead of letting it drive you into depression.

The body of the dragon, Ketu, is as you might expect, the opposite. The body doesn’t have a head to think or have a care in the world. Ketu represents your comfort zone, a place you fall back to in times of strife but one that you need to learn to fly beyond in order to reach up and put Rahu back on Ketu’s shoulders.

With Ketu, you are so skilled that you can’t see it. You might say to yourself, “Doesn’t learning come naturally to everyone?” Or, “Why do people have stage fright?” “Getting up in front of people is really not that big of a deal!” That sort of thing. While there is a need to explore outside of this comfort zone, I see it as being a strength you can use to help overcome the feelings of inadequacy stemming from wherever Rahu is in your chart.

The dragon within is a complex energy, especially when you add in other planets. I wanted to bring him out into the light of day for you because this may be something that has been a source of torment for you when it doesn’t need to be! Knowing he is there, you can now tell Rahu to shut his trap when he starts getting you down. You can recognize that he isn’t grounded in reality and that can be incredibly freeing all on its own.

Check out my main page at PhoenixRose.Net and put your birth date, time and location into the birth chart calculator. When your chart comes up look for the horseshoe symbol — that is Rahu. That application can get you started on understanding your dragon, and if you want to explore things further you only have to ask.

For me, teaching people how to train their dragon is one of the most satisfying parts of being an astrologer. 


Nikki DeKeuster

Nikki DeKeuster is a Transformational Astrologer and owner of Phoenix Rose Astrology LLC. She works alongside the Holistic Professionals at Cardinal Point located at 130 Main St. Suite 200, Menasha. Nikki is a strong believer in the healing potential of Astrology and focuses on empowering people to be who they are, not who the world wants them to be. You can contact, or schedule a consultation with, Nikki online at either or

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