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  • August 2017
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Are we consuming the real deal? — Ice pressed versus cold pressed olive oil

With the huge olive oil epidemic these past few years, how are we to know if what we are purchasing and consuming is truly the real deal? Unfortunately, many oileries and grocery stores sell an abundance of altered olive oils; therefore, considering the source when it comes to olive oil is definitely a must!

Today, most olive oil farmers are using modern production processing, which has diminished much of the olive oil currently available by excessively refining it. If you increase the speed and the amount of olive oil produced then you can sell a lot more of it. The solution is to purchase freshly poured olive oils, know the source/farmer and check the acidity levels so you know there is minimal or next to no heat factor used when processing the olive oil.

So how about cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) versus ice pressed organic extra virgin olive oil? Well, let’s start by pointing out that not using a heat factor to process your olive oil is by far the best method to preserve the natural health value of the olive oil produced! Using blocks of ice to cool the olive oil when pressing is what differentiates exponentially ice versus cold pressed olive oils. This way the nutritional value and benefits of the olive oil remain completely intact during the process of extraction.

Ice pressed olive oil is an exceptional step above standard cold pressed olive oil. This rare and cutting edge technology created by a renegade engineer turned producer creates a highly nutritive uncorrupted raw olive taste, texture and color.

Hand harvesting the olives in their purest state in Greece and pressing them the same day makes ice pressed olive oil not only delicious but far superior when it comes to the health benefits when compared to cold pressed EVOO. The reason for this, of course, is because of the rich soil it’s grown in. It is organically processed to preserve the nutrients and true essence of what olive oil is.

The Koroneiki olives used in ice pressed extra virgin olive oil are kept in their original raw state when pressing with complete absence of heat, thus keeping the acidity down to less than 1 percent. Pressing 20-30 times colder than cold pressed olive oil leaves room for nothing shy of exceptional health benefits!

Oleic acid, polyphenols, antioxidants and omega counts are without a doubt some of the biggest contributors to the health value of an exceptional olive oil. With that said, one must consider that there are numerous health benefits to an organic extra virgin olive oil, some of which are reducing inflammation, helping with digestion, heart disease, etc.

The benefits of choosing ice pressed organic EVOO are many, but it is more expensive. Be sure to not cook with it as you will diminish its original health value you purchased it for. When cooking, depending on the heat factor used, it’s best to use a cold pressed or flavored olive oil.

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Kathy Larson

Kathy Larson, CPT, CWC, & Oil Well has been in the Health & Wellness Industry for over 25 years. She’s worked in all realms of wellness and fitness, some of which include education, personal training, fitness equipment sales and a variety of business ownerships that have been awarded national recognition. Kathy’s passion is to educate individuals on how to incorporate healthier living into their daily lives so that they begin to live consciously. She’s the author of “How to Live a Fulfilling Life” — to download, visit Kathy’s purpose at and is to offer a service and products capable of preventing disease, while at the same time serving as a source of healing. Individualized coaching is one of Kathy’s specialties, which focuses on helping you define your personal goals and achieve them! To contact Kathy, email [email protected]

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