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  • October 2017
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Non-laser tattoo removals are an all-natural solution

We’ve all made mistakes, some not as permanent as others. But when traditional or cosmetic tattoos have become a regret, you may have considered tattoo removal.

There are many options of tattoo removal to consider such as laser, acid, fade creams or saline. The focus of this article is on the benefits of the all-natural and carcinogen-free process of hypertonic saline removal.

Hypertonic saline removal may sound complicated but it’s actually quite simple. An all-natural purified sea salt solution is tattooed into the skin to remove or lighten a tattoo without causing permanent tissue damage. The solution will draw the ink out of the skin by creating a controlled, superficial scab. Saline removal is very safe because it removes the ink through the skin unlike laser removal, which uses a process called photothermolysis. This process uses wavelengths of light to break up the ink into small particles. The particles are then transported through your body’s lymphatic system, liver and kidneys and then excreted out of your body. Some tattoo inks may contain heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury. Once broken up by laser, these metals may be released into to your lymphatic system.

Some of the other advantages of Saline tattoo removal include:

  • No scarring
  • Can be done on any skin color
  • Effective on all ink colors
  • Does not cause hypo or hyper pigmentation of the skin
  • Can be used on delicate facial skin such as eyebrows, eyelashes and lips
  • Will not damage hair follicles or inhibit hair growth
  • Will not permanently change the texture or natural structure of the skin
  • Allows the skin to be tattooed over again if desired
  • Less treatments are needed, which results in less cost and healing time

Once the removal session is completed you will need to keep the area clean and dry until the scab falls off. It is also important to keep the area protected from the sun during the healing process. Each treatment is usually spaced four weeks apart.

As with any tattoo removal process, it is imperative that your technician is properly trained and certified in tattoo removal. No tattoo removal method can get all of the ink out in one session except for surgical excision. Saline removal usually takes anywhere from 2-4 sessions depending on the age, depth and size of your tattoo. Older and lighter tattoos usually take less sessions. A consultation is usually needed to get a quote on the cost and number of sessions needed.

Getting a tattoo is a commitment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But it’s also good to know that removal is an option if you are rethinking your ink. 

Jennifer Menozzi, RN, CMS

Jennifer Menozzi is a Registered Nurse and Certified Permanent Makeup Technician. She completed her permanent makeup training at IIPC in California and has 9 years experience in the industry. She is the owner of Anew Permanent Makeup located at 5700 Grande Market Dr., Suite C in Appleton, and can be reached at 920-858-7355. For more information, please visit

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