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  • October 2017
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How reflexology may help with conception

Conception doesn’t always happen easily for all couples. Not every woman conceives on the first try, it can take months and even years to conceive. It can be disappointing and stressful to anyone.

Reflexology has been used for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood since the early 1700s. Reflexology assists in rebalancing the mind, body and spirit, helping to get the body in its natural state of homeostasis (perfect health).

Reflexology works best when the client has a healthy lifestyle, which includes diet, exercise, relaxation and work/life balance. No two reflexology treatments are the same for each person. Treatments are tailored to each person, which helps to ensure the best outcome. Reflexology is a treatment working certain points on the feet that correspond with different parts of the body. As a reflexologist, here are a few reasons I feel it works in helping with conception:

Rebalancing the body

We have maps on the bottom of our feet and hands that correspond to parts on our body. Reflexology works by stimulating reflex points on the feet/hands that correspond to parts of the body that need assistance to work well. Reflexologists are trained to work the relevant reflexes and the supporting systems. For example, it is important to work areas relating to the reproductive system but also to work the nervous system, which supports the body in creating the right environment for conception.

Total relaxation

An hour-long reflexology session is like getting a whole body massage. It is wonderfully relaxing, calming and balancing. It is due to the way reflexology rebalances the hormones within the system. Anyone who has regular reflexology treatments and then stops very quickly realizes how much better they felt having the treatments. The actual treatment is focused on allowing the client to totally relax using massage and pressure point techniques to the foot and lower leg. This slows breathing, blood pressure drops, tension eases and the body initiates its healing ability. Often, when trying to conceive, there will be a lot of negative, repetitive thought patterns taking place. Reflexology assists in altering these patterns.

Relieves stress

Reflexology can really help combat stress, which is very important if it is to increase fertility and become pregnant. Reflexology is soothing and relaxing, and it helps balance hormones, promote regular menstruation, promote ovulation, and can relieve symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis.

Continued reflexology treatments can also help:

  • Improve the natural healing abilities of the body.
  • Encourage all body systems to function efficiently.
  • Help remove toxins from the body.

In essence, energy pathways are unlocked in reflexology; this allows the body’s energy to flow as it should. These points on the feet that correspond to the reproductive system in the body are massaged, assisting in balancing the body as a whole and relieving any blockages that might be stalling conception.

Nutrition is a very important factor in conception. We have been led to believe all food is good for us, but the truth of the matter is we are all individuals with many varying food sensitivities — some more obvious than others. Understanding that some types of food, while they taste incredible, may not be the best for your body and becoming pregnant. It is important to do research as to what to eliminate from your diet (for a while), and what foods to include to increase the chances of conception. Hydration is necessary for the body to function properly but what we drink is equally important. Two quarts of water daily is the best source possible! Without the proper hydration, the ability to conceive becomes a challenge. There is limited flow for the body to perform properly. Note: some liquids actually dehydrate a body. Soda, coffee, sugary drinks and caffeinated drinks can all have this effect. Some even have bad toxins that can cause illness and disease, so always know what you are putting into your body.


Reflexology is not just for women, men also greatly benefit from reflexology and good nutrition. Men receive many of the same benefits as women, but it can also help increase their mobility and health of the sperm while eliminating the stress they are put under to perform. It also helps remove toxins that can inhibit their health.

The latest research, a two-year clinical trial at the IVF unit at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, is the brainchild of reflexologist Jane Holt. She approached the unit after 13 of the 23 women she treated with a range of fertility problems fell pregnant last year.

A client of hers, an auxiliary nurse age 34, is convinced that her trip to see Jane resulted in the birth of her son, Luke, who is now five months old.

“We had been trying for a baby for just over a year and had begun to look at other ways that would help me conceive when someone recommended reflexology,” she said.

“I had four treatments and was pregnant within three weeks. I am convinced that the reflexology got my body in working order so I was ready to conceive. I also felt 10 times better, more positive and a lot happier in myself.

“I went in there with an open mind, but was totally shocked to find myself pregnant so soon,” she said. “I would definitely advise other women to try reflexology. It may not work for everyone, but it worked for me and it is worth trying.”

Reflexology is safe and painless and I believe has helped many women achieve getting pregnant, even my own daughter. Many have told me “it’s like getting a whole body massage through my feet!” 

Cathy Allen, LPN, Certified Reflexologist for Feet & Hands

Cathy Allen, LPN, Certified Reflexologist for Feet & Hands can be reached at and via email at [email protected]

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