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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • November 2017
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What does it take to be healthy?

“What does it take to be healthy?” is the question I have been trying to answer for you in my articles over the last two years. I know that you may not always pick up Nature’s Pathways every month. That means that some of the articles I have written for you, you haven’t seen. Getting a subscription would be one way to make sure you get this excellent magazine every month.

Becoming and staying healthy has three basic components:

  1. What you eat
  2. How much you move
  3. How you think

These are all big subjects. I have been writing about what you should eat. Since I have been a diabetic for about 25 years, I have written about the proper diabetic diet. I have also written about weight loss as I had to lose 55 pounds and have kept it off. I know these have been helpful to you, but you can eat all the right foods and still not be as healthy as you can be.

The other two items on the list are equally as important to good health as a proper diet. If you do not move enough, the muscles and bones get weak as you age. How you think is important as well. If your thoughts are mostly negative and/or anxious, this has an impact on your well-being and health. People who have stomach issues often can overcome them by changing how they think. Your brain and stomach are connected and one affects the other.

I am very passionate about helping people get as healthy as they can be. I’ve asked myself: how I can address the articles you may have missed on the how you move and think part of the health and wellness equation? How can I answer any questions a reader has? Then it came to me. I can invite Nature’s Pathways readers of my articles to a monthly meeting. I will call it “Natural Expressions Health and Wellness Monthly Meeting” to be held on the third Sunday of the month at 1 p.m. Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to attend. See the address in my bio. 

Rosalie Misco (Grandma Rose)

Grandma Rose’s shop, Natural Expressions Bakery, is now open by appointment by calling 920-954-9727 and is located at 825 E Broadway Drive in Appleton. Visit her website at Shipping will be included in the price listed there. Grandma Rose’s email address is [email protected]

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