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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • November 2017
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Holistic Dentistry of Port Washington

At Holistic Dentistry of Port Washington, we recently celebrated a landmark: our one-year anniversary. Even before we opened our doors last September, Dr. Laura Railand was at work building the new practice from the ground up, giving a complete face-lift to the former site of Dr. Steve Carini’s practice in a beautiful storefront in downtown Port Washington.

We take a unique whole-body approach to oral health care, combining sound dental science, modern technology and years of experience with a deep concern for our patients’ physical and emotional well-being and comfort. Our goal is to bring your mouth, teeth and related structures back into harmony with the rest of your body. We look at underlying causes in order to end progressive destructive processes and bring your health back into balance. This does not always mean an easy fix, but we are committed to working with you through all stages of treatment until you reach your goal.

For us, the goal is a healthy body exemplified by healthy gums and soft tissues of the mouth, and the elimination of bad bacteria that can destroy teeth and bone. We know that when chronic infection is removed, the body is relieved of a burden that impacts overall health. We also understand that not all dental materials are created alike, and that you deserve to have high-quality restorations that will improve your health rather than harm it. Dr. Railand follows the International Academy of Oral Medical Toxicology protocol when removing amalgam fillings, and our office strives to be BPA-, fluoride-, and mercury-free (amalgam/silver filling-free). We practice healthy dentistry with an emphasis on total health, using the best in state-of-the-art and traditional dentistry in conjunction with highly effective, less invasive treatment options.

Our team recognizes the importance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health. We believe that we are not merely treating a body; we are treating a person. We have made it our mission to share information about all aspects of dental wellness with our patients so they can be active, educated participants in the decision-making process. Dentistry can bring up negative emotions and stress for people, so we work to maintain a comfortable, safe, nurturing environment and to provide all patients with positive experiences. We strive to make dental appointments something you’ll actually look forward to.

Dr. Railand is committed to offering minimally invasive, health-centered dentistry, and she has dedicated thousands of hours to her dental education to better serve you. Her unending enthusiasm for the well-being of her patients sets her apart from the rest. At Holistic Dentistry of Port Washington, we are always looking for patients who share our goal of achieving total health. 

Holistic Dentistry of Port Washington

222 N Franklin St, Port Washington



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