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  • November 2017
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Coming full circle in health care — Streu's Pharmacy Bay Natural

There are several health food stores in the Greater Green Bay area, all serving a wide demographic of health conscious individuals. There also seems to be a pharmacy popping up on every corner of the city! There are many reasons to visit both kinds of stores, but how does one decide which one to go to? What if there was a store that combined natural health with traditional medicine? There is!

Streu’s Pharmacy Bay Natural: a locally owned and operated pharmacy that has been actively serving the community for over 60 years.

Streu’s consists of three businesses beautifully combined into one; a long-term care pharmacy, a retail pharmacy and a natural health store. The long-term care pharmacy provides prescription services to nursing homes and many assisted living facilities. The retail pharmacy has services for the public, including durable medical equipment (both pharmacies offer free delivery!). The natural health store focuses on serving the health-conscious individual, no matter what stage of their journey they’re on. The integration of natural health with traditional medicine is a concept that has helped many understand the importance of both practices and how they equally contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Streu’s offers several services other pharmacies do not, like a community classroom, which offers monthly educational classes to community members and health care professionals. Classes vary in topics such as diabetes, heart health, benefits of essential oils, whole body cleansing, weight loss, etc. Streu’s also offers state Community Based Residential Facilities (CBRF) courses, which make getting education credits for health care facilities easier and more convenient. Streu’s also has the knowledge and convenience for patients needing long-acting antipsychotic injections, including flexible hours on evenings and weekends, and a team of trained nurses and pharmacists who are available to administer injections. It’s currently flu season, and Streu’s has the tools to stay protected. We carry a preservative-free flu shot in both regular and high dose. Our nurses can do immunizations at Streu’s (via appointment or walk-in) or they can travel to companies and assisted living facilities. The retail store staff can also help with immune-boosting vitamins, minerals and supplements, which encourage the body’s natural ability to fight back — ask the nutritionist for more information.

Streu’s mission statement is “to serve the community by achieving positive outcomes in health and wellness and making a difference in people’s lives.” Streu’s is a pharmacy that is revolutionizing the way pharmacies can help patients in all stages of their lives. Many progressive decisions have been made within the 63-year history of Streu’s, and the pharmacy’s reputation for quality services continues to grow throughout the Green Bay area. In addition to the marriage of traditional medicine and natural health, Streu’s prides itself on their customer service and ensuring their patients feel they’re being heard, acknowledged and helped. This is just one reason Streu’s has been a trusted partner in health care for over 60 years — the genuine interest they have for their clientele and community.

Take a trip downtown and tucked along the East River will be Streu’s Pharmacy Bay Natural at 635 Main Street. Many will be pleasantly surprised to learn that inside the building are about 80 employees loyal to serving the community, including: pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists and health coaches, pharmacy technicians and delivery drivers. Streu’s has continued to grow and maintain a wonderful reputation throughout the years since its inception and its leadership, high professional standards and innovations have earned the company high recognition throughout the state.

Stop in today and let Streu’s have the pleasure of being your hometown pharmacy and natural health store! 

Streu’s Pharmacy Bay Natural

635 Main St, Green Bay

Store: 920-437-4750 • Pharmacy: 920-437-0206

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