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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • November 2017
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Jane uses Reiki to soothe her body and mind

I am on a journey. Not a “pack your bags” journey across the miles but a physical and spiritual journey to discover different modalities of healing for my well-being. Having had a fairly long and at times bumpy life, there are times I wonder: why did I do that, say that or think that?

As I spent time prayerfully considering my next step, I found myself drawn to Christa Chantelois, founder of Wisdom Within Healing LLC. I admit that the name struck a chord with me; after all, who doesn’t want to find wisdom within themselves? Christa believes that each of us has a divine light within us, and that we come from light and love so we are light and love. In this busy world, it is easy to lose focus of that.

After some research, I made an appointment for a Reiki session. I have heard much about Reiki over the years but didn’t fully understand what it really involved. I knew it originated in Japan (the land of my ancestors) and is a healing technique where energy is channeled to the patient by means of touch or “laying on hands.” This helps to activate the body’s natural healing process, which can restore not just physical but emotional well-being. This is especially true if there are blockages in certain areas.

With Christa’s background as an intensive care unit nurse, crisis advocate, community health educator and licensed professional counselor, she has unique qualities of compassion and empathy that I was looking for as well as being a trained Reiki master. Although I was very intrigued that she offers in-nature settings for therapy/counseling, I opted for the traditional office setting for my first visit.

My appointment started out with me lounging in an oversized comfy recliner, sipping sparkling water and talking with Christa like she was a long lost friend. She is one of those people you can just talk with easily, especially when she opens up about her own life situations so you don’t feel like you are the only one exposing your vulnerable side. She explained that during a session she starts at the feet and works her way toward the head. Sometimes she will use direct touch and at other areas her hands just hover over your body.

After getting comfortable with pillows and a blanket, and firing up relaxing flute music, I was ready for my session. I still have a hard time trying to explain how soothing and healing Reiki felt. I felt like I had finally been able to turn off my brain and all the “noise” in my head had finally been quieted so I could fully relax. I’ve noticed that on my own, it is much easier to relax my body than my mind, which made my time at Wisdom Within Healing that much more special.

After my session, Christa and I sat and talked about what she learned. As a healer, Christa is very intuitive of things that come to her as she is trying to unclog areas of the body with low energy, or life force. She mentioned a few things to me to see if I associated anything with it. She was especially mystified by the fact that when she was working on the area around my kidneys and liver she could not stop picturing a lemon. She laughed that she could not get the thought of a lemon being squeezed out of her mind. I mentioned to her that in the past I had tried to add lemon juice to my water, but my dentist had noticed tooth decay so I stopped. Because I primarily drink water and it gets a little boring, as of several weeks ago I had begun adding Young Living Essential Oil’s Lemon Vitality drops to my water for flavor. I found it to be such a treat I practically doubled my water intake. Both of us got a huge laugh out of that one.

After my time with Christa, I felt more relaxed and refreshed. She is a great listener and reminded me that I have worth and a purpose to live every day with enjoyment. While I did not come to Christa with the depth of personal traumas that some do, I know she is exactly the kind of person to help someone with more troubling issues. Anyone who is experiencing distress or discomfort and is looking for insight from a compassionate professional would benefit from visiting Christa at Wisdom Within Healing. Her mission, after all, is to ensure “that all people may remember their absolute worthiness of love, and thereby live their authentic sacredness, know the connectedness of all beings and care for Earth.” 

Wisdom Within Healing

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