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  • Northeast Wisconsin
  • November 2017
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Wise Woman Wellness — The hormone experts

In 2009, when nurse practitioner Randi Mann decided to open Wise Woman Wellness, she had already spent several years working in the traditional health care system and she had experienced the frustrations many providers feel when trying to treat their patients. There was not enough time and resources to treat the individual as a whole and get to the root problem causing the symptoms. It felt more like disease management as opposed to wellness care. Her specialty has always included women’s health care and she saw many women suffering and knew there had to be a better way.

Randi opened Wise Woman Wellness in De Pere, and started treating women who were suffering with hormone imbalances, utilizing treatments and resources not readily offered in traditional health care systems. Women started to feel better and the word began to spread. The practice addressed other pillars of good health, such as nutrition, exercise, supplements, lifestyle interventions and life coaching. Today, Wise Women Wellness is a thriving center for wellness dedicated to improving the lives of women through a blend of functional, holistic and conventional medicine. At the center of it all is Randi’s dedication to being the leading hormone expert in this area and helping as many women as possible.

A woman doesn’t have to accept the unpleasant symptoms of hormone imbalances like hot flashes, weight gain, irritability, fatigue and low sex drive. There are safe, effective treatments available to alleviate these symptoms, such as low-dose, customized, bioidentical hormones. The practitioners at Wise Woman Wellness have been successfully treating women for years with bioidentical hormones and other treatment options.

Randi has also had great success in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid issues. She is affiliated with one of the top thyroid experts in the world and utilizes his protocol and testing methods as part of her multi-pronged approach to thyroid treatment. In fact, Wise Woman Wellness is the first in this area to provide Thyroflex testing for patients suffering with thyroid issues. This FDA-approved machine is 98 percent accurate and has provided a much clearer picture of a patient’s thyroid function than traditional blood tests. Thyroid sufferers are often the most frustrated when they arrive at Wise Woman Wellness because they have been told over and over again that everything is “normal” based on their TSH levels. This is not an accurate representation of how the thyroid is functioning, but has been the standard of testing for years and years.

Wise Woman Wellness is dedicated to being the hormone experts. A woman cannot feel her best or reach her optimum health if her hormones are out of balance. Every system in our body, every cell, relies on hormones to function properly. This is why it is so important to find an expert in the field, and if you can find one who is dedicated to the health and happiness of each woman who walks through the door, then you have found Wise Woman Wellness. 

”I feel so strongly about what you do for women and the way I feel now that my hormones are balanced. I am a walking testimony, feel great and look great, better than many of my friends the same age, and want all other women to know about Wise Woman Wellness and the great care they offer!” - Diane, age 55, Green Bay

Wise Woman Wellness

1480 Swan Road, De Pere


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